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Art Terms Questions and Answers

  • What is a building, sculpture or structure especially built to remember and honor a person or event?

  • Which is the style in which an artist represents a subject as it appears in the natural world?

  • What is the word for an upright pillar or post often used to bear weight?

  • What is a subtle difference or variation called?
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  • What is a name for the part of an artwork that lies between the foreground and background?
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  • What is the name of an event that celebrates the beginning of a new art exhibit?
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  • What is the method of transferring an image to a larger or smaller size called?

  • What is the name of a layer of color that is thin and translucent?

  • What term describes a painting so photographically realistic that it fools the eye?

  • Loading a brush with two colors side by side is called what?
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  • What is the method of making an image with smoke called?
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  • What type of paper is wet-and-dry paper?
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