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  • What should I do if I have a crush on my best friend?
    What should I do if I have a crush on my best friend?
    Warning my comments are long cuz I get real It’s really easy to start to like each other, and the feelings can come out of nowhere! Every guy-girl relationship, one of them wonders about something more than friendship.  When that happens, you need to ask yourself some questions. The answer is different for each person, but here are some questions that I hope may help you figure out what to do. 1. Do I like this person? We can develop feelings for almost anyone. So I would suggest that you dig in deep into your feelings and speculate as to why you like them. 2. How long have I liked this person? Feelings may come go. Is it someone you've genuinely admired for a long time? Sometimes these feelings are just a rush of uncontrolled emotions. 3. What do my friends and parents think of this person? Ask your friends and parents if they think it would be wise for you to pursue a relationship with your friend. It's good to get advice from people that care about you. If you decide you want to let your friend know that you like him or her: Try to do so in a no-pressure situation. Be honest and straightforward about how you feel, but don’t put any pressure on your friend. If you decide to stay “just friends”: This is where it’s important to guard your heart and mind. Stay careful and don't flow away in your feelings.  

  • How can I find out my crush also likes me?
    How can I find out my crush also likes me?
    Are you the kind of person who keeps thinking, “He/She likes me! He/She likes me not!” throughout the night? Are you totally confused about the mixed and provoking signals which you receive from your crush? Well, there is no exact and defined sign to find out whether your crush likes you or not. However, there are some clues via which you would be able to know if your crush likes you back or not to some extent. Let’s talk about those signs in no particular order: Does your crush secretly stare at you when you’re not looking at him/her? If yes, that means they’re crushing hard on you too and your crush is interested in you. Try to figure out how does your crush feel when you’re around him/her. If that person gets tensed or behaves unexpectedly, there might be the chances that you’ve won the battle. Your crush will send you flirtatious messages if he/she is having the same feeling for you from their side. He/she will never ignore your messages and will reply back to your messages as soon as possible. Did you ever find your crush making excuses only to spend time with you? If yes, he/she is crushing on you. Your crush will try every possible way to impress you. He/she will try to do everything to win you over. Then, my friend, it is the sign that your crush likes you back.   Also, you can play this quiz to figure out Does Your Crush Like You?

  • What would she say if you were in her fav sun bathing spot?
    What would she say if you were in her fav sun bathing spot?

  • What is the most romantic way to propose a girl?
    What is the most romantic way to propose a girl?
    The most romantic way to propose to a girl is to do it in a private, solemn, and sincere manner. There are a lot of people who do elaborate proposals. They usually spend a lot of money to prove to the world that they can be with that girl forever. There are some women who do not want this. The most sincere proposals will always be romantic and will always be remembered by women more as compared to those staged proposals that are placed on video. A romantic proposal does not always have to go viral, right? Of course, knowing what the girl wants will also help. Some women would love to be shown off with the use of a highly publicized proposal.

  • Why are we afraid of talking to our crushes?
    Why are we afraid of talking to our crushes?
    We are naturally afraid of talking to our crushes mainly because we feel something for them. Even if we do not admit it, we have placed them on a pedestal. We sometimes feel that we do not deserve to talk to them because we are just who we are. There is also that fear that we will be ignored by our crushes because they do not know who we are. The fear may sometimes come from the thought that the crush may be someone he/she is not. It can be very disappointing to realize that the crush is someone who is not worth it the admiration that we have given.

  • How many crushes can I have at the same time?
    How many crushes can I have at the same time?
    There are moments when you can have so many crushes all at one time. It can be confusing for you in the beginning because you need to keep track of all the people that you find attractive. Amidst all of the people that you have a crush on, there will always be that one special crush. This is the “real” crush and it is not a “happy” crush anymore. You actually make an effort to get to know the person better. You may even stalk this person’s social media accounts. You want to do everything to learn more about the person. Who knows? It may all be worth it.

  • What makes a woman so attractive?
    What makes a woman so attractive?
    A woman can become so attractive when she shows that she is in control of the situations that she does. I have always been fascinated by how women can multi-task. I sometimes try to multi-task, but most of the time, I fail at it. Whenever I see a woman who is juggling a lot of work, I cannot help but admire her for it because I know that she is going through a lot, but she manages to keep a smile on her face. There are also some women who can still show their great sense of humor even if they are doing a lot of other things. These things that women can do make them so attractive because they are so different from what I can do.

  • How can I impress my crush?
    How can I impress my crush?
    You can always impress your crush by making sure that you are going to talk about things that are interesting to the both of you. Perhaps you both like books. You can open up a topic that will make it obvious that you know what you are talking about. It will definitely get your crush’s attention. Before you even realize it, you may exchange ideas for hours. The topic can also vary depending on the things that you both like. You can even make comparisons about the things that you both like. Keep track of the things that you do not agree on too. Do not pretend to like something when you know that you do not like it at all.

  • Do you and your crush have anything in common?
    Do you and your crush have anything in common?
    No, we are TOTAL opposites Yeah like 2-3 things You a lot YES! We share the same interests 100%

  • Have you guys ever been sexually active together?
    Have you guys ever been sexually active together?
    Yea 10 time so work on Good job

  • How often does he look at you in the eyes or stare at you?
    How often does he look at you in the eyes or stare at you?
    I feel happy whenever I am with her. She and I have been in love for a lot of years already. We have gone through a lot of trials that tested how we feel about each other. It took some guts before I was able to tell her how I think of her. It also took a few more months before we finally decided that we will give our relationship a try. Years have passed, and I still like the fact that she stares at me without getting awkward. I also like the fact that I can hold her hand whenever I want to. Indeed, being with her makes me happy. I pray that others will also experience this because it is not often that this can happen to people.

  • Which TV character can you relate this girl with?
    Which TV character can you relate this girl with?
    I think that the woman I like is more like Rachel Green. She is warm and funny. She is also very friendly. She manages to take things in stride, and it may seem at times that she will never panic even if she is going through some stressful situations. She can keep a smile on her face, and it is evident through her actions that she truly takes care of the friendships that she shares with other people. I do not know if she likes me, but I have been trying to let her know how I feel. Perhaps she does not like me, and she is trying to ignore the feelers that I have been sending so it will not be awkward between us.

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