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Crush Questions & Answers

How can I find out if my crush also likes me?
Are you the kind of person who keeps thinking, “He/She likes me! He/She likes me not!” throughout the night? Are you totally confused about the mixed and provoking signals which you receive from your crush? Well, there is no exact and de
What should I do if I have a crush on my best friend?
Warning my comments are long cuz I get real It’s really easy to start to like each other, and the feelings can come out of nowhere! Every guy-girl relationship, one of them wonders about something more than friendship.  When th
What is the most romantic way to propose a girl?
The most romantic way to propose to a girl is to do it in a private, solemn, and sincere manner. There are a lot of people who do elaborate proposals. They usually spend a lot of money to prove to the world that they can be with that girl forever. Th