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  • What were the things Phoebe wanted to do before she turned 30?
    What were the things Phoebe wanted to do before she turned 30?
    I’ve never watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, so I cannot answer this without doing a lot of research. However, the previous answer seems to have been given by a knowledge viewer. I could see this character, whom I have heard is pretty nice, wanting to meet a nice guy, have a perfect kiss, and make peace with another character. However, I have no idea what “a mile in the bouncing ball” means. Even though viewers of F.R.I.E.N.D.S could more easily answer this question, I have taken my best stab at it. I would watch the series to understand Phoebe’s wishes better, but I don’t have time to do that and answer this question in a timely manner.

  • What is my favorite food?
    What is my favorite food?
    I AM A 5 letterword if you add 2 more letters it becomes shorter what two letters am i?????????????????????????????????????????

  • What where the things Phoebe wanted to do before she turned 30?
    What where the things Phoebe wanted to do before she turned 30?
    Actually, this is incorrect. Before she turned 30 she wanted to ride a mile on the hippity hop it, and make peace with Ursula. When she found out she was 31, she listed not having done these things before she turns 31: -meet a portuguese guy -have the perfect kiss -join sniper school

  • What defines friendship for you?
    What defines friendship for you?
    Friendship is defined by the bond formed between the people who need companionship and loyalty. It is also characterized by the shared mutual respect that the people have for each other. If there is a common interest shared it is even better because the foundation of any good friendship should be based on common ground and shared beliefs. Friendship is defined by the love we share as people and the quality time spent to maintain the association as it grows over time. Friendship is a significant way that we as humans test our loyalty towards one another and grow as individuals.

  • What comes first? Your friendship, your fortune, your lover, or yourself?
    What comes first? Your friendship, your fortune, your lover, or yourself?
    To me, friendship should always come first because without that, there is no hope and no love. In a lover, I would tend to look in the direction of someone who is a loyal and authentic friend and someone who is not even remotely capable of having a self-centered heart. I think that you should always put your feelings first, specifically when it comes to staying true to yourself. I think you must be candid about who you are and know your self well enough to say no when it is necessary. Also, fortune can come and go but love lasts continually; however, it is always a plus to have nice things for yourself.

  • What determines your friendship with people?
    What determines your friendship with people?
    My friendship with people is usually based on our shared common interests or a bond I have formed and nurtured over time with people I care about. I feel like friendship should be determined by the quality of the time you spend with those whom you consider being your friends. I think if someone is a true friend, they do not judge you, even if they do not agree with your choices. However, they do speak up when they believe a decision you have made will put your life in danger somehow or put you in danger as a person. Friendship should be determined by loyalty and trust, not something tangible.

  • What type of gifts do you often offer to your friends?
    What type of gifts do you often offer to your friends?
    I have three amazing friends. Abigail, Jemima, and Anita, and they all like different things. Abigail loves to be gifted with memorable and long lasting gifts. I often like to get her books, novels, cloth items, and shoes. Jemima, on the other hands, like all things fashion, so I get her things pertaining to fashion, and she always loves them. I gift her with makeup items, necklace, and the likes. Anita loves to eat. I get her nice chocolate, and it works every time because she always asks for more. In conclusion, I give my friends gifts that they like and value. I love my friends because they also get me unusual and beautiful gifts as well.

  • What is your reaction when your friend offended you?
    What is your reaction when your friend offended you?
    It is not often that a friend offends me and typically, I tend to take offense if something is said to me with malice, or if it is repeated over and over several times. I feel that if someone can say something to me that others would consider as attacking, but they can say it in a supportive way, or with kind-heartedness, then it is okay. I think it depends on the way you say something and how it reaches the person or how you say it to them, and they can comprehend it is told with love. They say that presentation is everything and this is true in most things.

  • What can you say about friendship?
    What can you say about friendship?
    Friendship is something that should matter to you because It is something that ought to make you feel safe and comfortable enough to share things with that person. Friendship must work both ways with giving and taking. You should feel valued by the person just as much as you should appreciate them as well. There must be a mutual understanding and respect in that the two friends can each have their own unique beauty. However, if you rub it in someone’s face that there are good points that you have and they do not then this will provoke competition and envy between the two of you that is unnecessary, and it takes away from the goodness of the friendship. Also, always try to be a good listener to your friend. Listening lets the other person know you care about them.

  • What is Chandler's middle name?
    What is Chandler's middle name?
    Who does not know the television series F.R.I.E.N.D.S? People know about this even if they have never watched a single episode in the past. There is just something about this television series that is so endearing. It definitely made the characters very popular. A lot of fans of this television series know different facts that non-fans will not know. The middle name of Chandler is actually Muriel. Chandler is one of the people’s favorite characters in the television series because of his humor. He may be brutally honest but he is also very humble. People will always have different preferences on how their favorite character is but Chandler is number one on a lot of people’s lists.

  • How fast do you make friends?
    How fast do you make friends?
    I do not make friends easily or quickly. I take my time to study a person. First, I try to understand their personality, are they positive or negative minded. This is very important for me as I do not want negative energy around me. Then I look for the common interest that I share with the person. This can be career-wise, relating to beliefs, plans, and lifestyle, and so on. After studying this person and I make up my mind to be friends with the person. Naturally, the friendship begins to grow, and as time pass, we know each other better, and we become great friends.

  • How many times do you call your friends during the week?
    How many times do you call your friends during the week?
    I am probably terrible at this, as I do not call my friends often. I call my friends maybe once or twice in 2 weeks or a month. I reach out to them when I feel there is a need for me too, or when I need to pass important information or recent happenings to them. I also call sometimes to check up on them. When I prefer to call my friends in the evening after work, then we have time to talk, not like in the morning when we all have to rush to carry out our daily activities. My friends understand me; we are mostly busy during the week, so we try to catch up on all we’ve missed during the weekend.

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