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You know you’re best friends with someone if you can speak to each other through facial expressions! Having a best friend is one of the greatest feelings in the world. We get to have someone to talk to, day and night, whether you’re talking about serious stuff, or just fooling around! But having a best friend, or being one, is not that easy.
There are things and traits that you need to possess before you can become one. Are you ready to get some answers? We’ve a collection of quizzes to test you if you have what it takes to be a best friend. Check out our quizzes right now and find out! Make yourself worthy to be called the best-est among the BFF’s in the whole universe! 

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  • Do you know your BFF'S Birthday?
    BFF question from

  •  Do you know your BFF'S parents' and siblings names?
    BFF question from

  • Do you know your "BFFS" middle name?
    BFF question from

  • On a Friday night would you rather...

  • On a Monday afternoon what would be Booked on your calender?

  • When your boyfriend stood you up for a dance, you would...

  • What would you be doing on a Saturday?

  • You have one day to live.  You spend it:

  • Your favorite kind of movie is:

  • You find out someone is spreading a rumor about you. You...

  • You find out that you and your BFFL have the same crush. You...

  • Your school is holding a musical, you decide to join because...