Who Is Your Celebrity BFF? Quiz

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The life of a celebrity is surrounded by a lot of gossips, pictures at weird times and people calling out your name when you cross the street. If you were to choose one celebrity to be your BFF do you have one that comes to mind? The quiz below is designed to help you find the one, after all, it is best friends forever. Give it a shot!

You May Get

Miley Cyrus

She is styley, young and loves to hang out.

Selena Gomez

She is funky, has her own style. She would love to hang out and goof off.

Vanessa Hudgens

If she can get the guys... I know you can, with her. she will party and have a great time with you

Ashley Tisdale

she flirts with guys, loves animals. i think yall will communicate really well
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    On a Friday night would you rather...
    • A. 

      Go to "The Highschool Dance"

    • B. 

      Hang out with your boy friend

    • C. 

      Sleepover with friends

    • D. 

      Stay at home with family

  • 2. 
    On a Monday afternoon what would be Booked on your calender?
    • A. 

      Study date with a friend, but its really your boyfriend

    • B. 

      Hang out with friends... just for the afternoon

    • C. 

      Cheerleading practice

    • D. 

      Home... I dont do anything on a school night

  • 3. 
    When your boyfriend stood you up for a dance, you would...
    • A. 

      Oh thats okayy I will give him one more chance

    • B. 

      Never I can't believe he did that

    • C. 

      Go to friends and ask for help

    • D. 

      Leave him and go straight to another guy

  • 4. 
    Your boyfriend calls every night and he hasn't called tonight and its 10:30 on a school night...
    • A. 

      You call him

    • B. 

      Get advice from a friend at school the next day

    • C. 

      Don't worry about it, maybe he forgot

    • D. 

      Oh that is it I can't stand guys like that

  • 5. 
    There is a school dance Friday night and it is already Wednesday, and the guy you like hasn't asked you but a couple other guys have and you said no to them, you...
    • A. 

      Ask the guy you like

    • B. 

      Wait til the last minute to go back to the guy you kinda liked if your crush doesn't come along

    • C. 

      Get a friend to ask the guy you like

    • D. 

      Oh, i'm not goin if this guy doesnt ask

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