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Good friends don’t let you do crazy things… alone! But seriously, friends are like the extended family anyone can have and some might even say that they value their friends more than their own family. Many cartoons or movies show a firm value of friendship like how some characters care a lot for his or her pal.

Do you know who Winnie the Pooh’s best friend is? How about Sherlock Holmes’ best friend? Can you recall the name of Peter Parker's best friend who later turned into the second Green Goblin? These are some of these treats we have in store for you. Just some friendly advice, don't take the questions too seriously. Have fun and find out more about friendship while enjoying our quizzes.

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  • rate your friendship with the group 1-10

  • Your best friend left his/her science book at school. There is a MAJOR test tomorrow. What do you do?
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  • A person at school tells you your best friend is hiding something from you. What do you do?
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  • Your friend is talking to you on the phone, but you cant really concentrate on what she is saying so you tell her that you will call her back you:
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  • Its the day of your friends birthday party, at the last minute the most popular girl at school invites you to her party you:
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  • The popular crowd is talking about your friend behind her back you:
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