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International Business Standards: Standard 1 International Business definitions and vocabulary   This is a pre-test. It is simply to find out what you already know about international business. It will serve...

Questions: 30  |  Attempts: 422
  • Sample Question
    1.   A good or service purchased and brought in from another country.

This quiz covers all of your Standards:Standard 1: International Business Definitions and VocabularyStandard 2: Examples of International Trade LocallyStandard 3: Impact of Geography on International BusinessStandard 4:...

Questions: 36  |  Attempts: 212
  • Sample Question
    Standard 3: How many continents are there?

This quiz covers module A of the International Business Course.

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 150
  • Sample Question
    An exempt company is one that:

It is a Quiz for the next bussiness test. Students will be able to use the study guide to help them.

Questions: 13  |  Attempts: 109
  • Sample Question
    Main reason for international business is ...

Questions: 83  |  Attempts: 107
  • Sample Question
    Globalization has __________ the opportunities for a firm to expand its revenues by selling around the world and __________ its costs by producing in nations where key inputs are cheap.

International Business Questions & Answers

What are the 5 main ways for companies to participate in international business? 1. Own a manufacturing plant in another country. 2. _________________. 3....
• Domestic-market establishment: The domestic market is always the right and the best place to test products and confirm performance before facing the international trade. • Export research and planning: A particular Country which is simil
Can you name at least five of the 15 countries in the EU?
Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Italy Ireland Greece Great Britian Spain Porugal Luxembourg Netherlands
What is the difference between international and domestic trade?
International trade is country-to-country while domestic trade is within a nation s borders.