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The word “handicap” is…
A term originated from a time when people with disabilities begged in the streets with their cap in their hand.
If someone were to get sick from asbestos, which disease would they MOST likely have?
Lung cancer was stated as the most common, with mesothelioma as a rare form of cancer... while the answer stated was mesothelioma, I would disagree as slides indicated was a RARE (as in not common) form of cancer... rather misleading.
Who is “Cogito ergo sum,” attributable to?
DescartesRen Descartes (15961650), wrote I have found by experience that the senses sometimes deceive, and it is prudent never to trust completely those that have deceived us even once. The only thing one could be certain of was that one was thinki
How can you tell if an email is a fake or a phishing email, sent to trick you into giving away personal information?
It asks you to do something you wouldn t otherwise do, such as respond with your username, full password and credit card details