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Banking Questions & Answers

Your take-home pay, or net income, is:
Option (b) the amt. u receive after taxes, imsurance, or other costs have been subtacted.
What is the amount of money a bank charges for the privilege of allowing a person to borrow money or the amount of money the bank pays a person for depositing his money for the bank to invest called?
The correct answer to this question is C, interest. It is a payment from a borrower to a lender. Interest is more than the rate of the amount borrowed. Historian Paul Johnson dates this practice back to 5000 BC during Middle Easter civilizations, how
Which three factors the amount of interest you earn on money in your savings account will depend?
The interest rate, how long you keep the money in your account, and how the financia institution pays the interest.
What in case if the customer forgets his PIN?
Customer can visit any of the store, post validation & security check the store manager can reset the PIN.