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How much do you know about banking? Do you have a bank account? Try taking our quizzes and find out how much you know while learning things you may not know yet. You can take that to the bank! If you don’t have a bank account you might start your own after learning facts about banking.

Do you know the answer to these questions: “What is the name of the oldest existing retail bank?”, “When did modern sense of banking begin?”, “What is the name of the most secured bank in the world?” and “Where did the word banking come from?”

Relax, have fun and know more through our quizzes. Open the vault and get those answers out of your memory bank now!
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Banking is all about the managing, saving and lending money, credit/ loan and other financial transactions. A  bank provides financial assistance by accepting the deposits from the public and creating credit. There...

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    The business dealing with money and credit is

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    What does GSE stand for?

This test is designed to test the basic knowledge in Bank Credit Management

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    Accepting of deposits and Lending by a bank is called as 

Banking means accepting, securing and controlling the finances of individuals and enterprises. A bank is a financial institution which is authorized to collect deposits and offer loans. They provide various financial loans,...

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    You fill this out when you open a checking account as an anti-fraud precaution.

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    Find out the ratio of length and the area of a rectangle if the ratio of length& perimeter of rectangle is 1:6 and the area of rectangle is 5000sq.m ?

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Banking Questions & Answers

Your take-home pay, or net income, is:
Option (b) the amt. u receive after taxes, imsurance, or other costs have been subtacted.
What is the amount of money a bank charges for the privilege of allowing a person to borrow money or the amount of money the bank pays a person for depositing his money for the bank to invest called?
The correct answer to this question is C, interest. It is a payment from a borrower to a lender. Interest is more than the rate of the amount borrowed. Historian Paul Johnson dates this practice back to 5000 BC during Middle Easter civilizations, how
What is the difference between Mobile Banking and Internet Banking?
Mobile banking is a service that allows the customer to perform banking dealings using a cellular device, and internet banking is a banking operation executed over the internet through the institution’s website. Mobile banking provides its cust
What is the difference between Cashier's Check and Money Order?
A money order is a form of payment method in which the full payment is made upfront instead of withdrawing it when the recipient’s cash it. This method is the reason why it is said to be a safer payment option as compared to having a checkbook