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Do you know the answer to these questions: “What is the name of the oldest existing retail bank?”, “When did modern sense of banking begin?”, “What is the name of the most secured bank in the world?” and “Where did the word banking come from?”

Relax, have fun and know more through our quizzes. Open the vault and get those answers out of your memory bank now!

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  • Your take-home pay, or net income, is:
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  • The amount of interest you earn on money in your savings accout will depend a lot on which three factors?
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  • All of the following are good ways to establish a good credit record except:
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  • You fill this out when you open a checking account as an anti-fraud precaution.

  • What do banks do with the cash we deposit into our accounts?

  • Instructions to the bank to shifts funds from your account to that of the person or firm whose name is written in the “Pay to the Order of” line.

  • Which of the following describes the new Preferred Banking Customer Value Proposition?

  • Customer earns an annual income of S$45k p.a. with no mortgage loan with the SCB. Which of the following scenarios is true for one to qualify as a Preferred Banking customer?

  • Which of the following products do customer (Annual Income of S$80k p.a, AUM S$72k) qualify to apply?