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What is the difference between RMB and Yuan?
There is almost no difference between the two. The renminbi is also known as the official currency of China. If it were translated, it would mean, “people’s money.” The symbol of this is CNY or CNH if you are in Hong Kong. You will
How is Euro currency market regulated?
The Eurocurrency market is regulated much differently than an individual country’s money markets or banks. It has also been said that this market “provides the most convenient financial service at the lowest possible cost”. The reas
What are the benefits of using digital currency rather than physical currency?
It is also cheaper if you take into account the exchange rates on different countries
What is the official currency of Costa Rica?
The official currency of Costa Rica is Costa Rican colon or just colon. Its name was derived from Christopher Columbus’ name whose name in Spanish is Cristobal Colon. The first coins were released and used from 189 to 1917, the centavos were is