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The IRS! Just the sound of that four-syllable statement send women into a frantic panic and makes men tremble at the knees! Have you ever been audited? Do you know what an audit is? Do you know why they audit, what they look for and what happens if you haven't been aboveboard with all your paperwork? How often can a company be audited? Can only the government carry out an audit, or can separate third-party enterprises do it as well? And who audits them?

From accountants to lawyers, CEO to secretaries, no-one is safe from being audited, but they can be safe whilst being audited. Do you know how? Attempt our quizzes on audit to know more about an audit. 

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  • The internal audit function is generally considered independent when it can carry out its work freely and ___________.

  • It is an independent appraisal function established within the organization to carry out the role and responsibility defined in the Internal Audit Charter.

  • It is a formal written statement that defines the approved purpose, authority, and responsibility of the internal audit activity.

  • The audit step most likely to reveal the existence of contingent liabilities is?
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  • When obtaining evidence regarding litigation against a client, the CPA will be least interested in determining?
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  • When a contingency is resolved subsequent to the issuance of audited financial statements, which correctly contained disclosure of the contingency in the footnotes based on information available at the date of issuance, the auditor should?
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  • All of the following are functions of the front office auditor except

  • The main purpose of a front office audit is to:

  • All of the following are functions of the front office audit except: