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Corporate finance is a particular area finance which focuses on the sources of funding and capital for a corporation. Corporate finance allows managers to increase the value of their particular firm for their shareholders while also allocating better financial resources through new tools and analyses.

This particular industry is something that most people know little about. And yet corporate finance can bring with it a great deal of professional success. Do you know what jobs are available for someone who has a degree in corporate finance? Do you know how a company can better improve their profitability? If you love the ins and outs of the financial sector, prove it by completing one of our many quizzes today.
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These are the homework questions for Chapter 1 in Corporate Finance.

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    Stadford, Inc. is financed with 40 percent debt and 60 percent equity. This mixture of debt and equity is referred to as the firm's:

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    Which of the following statements is false?

When we talk about corporate finance, we are basically talking about the management of the capital structures of corporations. This involves among other subjects, debt and equity. Take up the quiz below and find out more.

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    The value of an investment after one or more times periods is called the

These are the homework questions for Chapter 8 in Corporate Finance.

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    Discounted cash flow valuation is the process of discounting an investment's:

These are the homework questions for Chapter 6 in Corporate Finance.

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    What is the principal amount of a bond that is repaid at the end of the loan term called?

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Corporate Finance Questions & Answers

What is most apt to create an agency conflict?
An agency will create conflict between employees if they are differentially rewarded despite their equal productivity. However, ejecting a profitable project to protect employee jobs will divide those who want to be a supportive figure from those who
What is a working capital decision?
How much cash should the firm keep in reserve?
What is the weighted average delay assuming that each month has 30 days? Your firm receives the following checks each month. The average amount of each check and the average collection delay are as...
3.03 daysTotal receipts = 31,000 + 48,000 + 91,000 = 170,000 Weighted Average delay = (31,000/170,000)3 + (48,000/170,000)5 + (91,000/170,000)2 = 3.03 days Chapter 19, Question 6
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