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How to Create a Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz


This word made 11-year-old Frank Neuhauser the winner of the first-ever Scripps National Spelling Bee held in 1925.

Imagine teaching someone vocabulary at that time!

These days creating a vocabulary quiz is a great way to make language learning easy and fun. It’s perfect for introducing new words and helping students remember them.

There may be a hundred vocabulary apps out there, but there’s nothing like an interesting quiz that can teach you a lot more than just the meaning of a word.

Plus, you don’t have to spend hours researching and putting together a test. 

You can use a vocabulary quiz maker!

In this blog, you’ll learn:

What is a Vocabulary Quiz?

A vocabulary quiz or test assesses the quiz taker’s knowledge of the meaning or use of a selected list of words. This simple tool lets teachers and trainers make language learning more interactive and engaging. It also helps students learn and memorize new words faster. 

You can create your vocabulary quiz online or offline. But, most people prefer to make them online as doing so saves time and lets you provide an amazing learner experience. 

A big part of this learner experience are the various types of fun questions you can create with an online quiz maker. Let’s explore them below.   

Types of Vocabulary Quiz Questions

Using different question types in your quiz is a great way to make it more fun and keep your learners’ interests up. Here are the different formats and styles in which you can present your vocabulary quiz questions.

1. Multiple Choice Questions 

This is probably the most used and useful type of question in quizzes. You can present multiple answer options for a single question, out of which only one is correct. 

You can use this question type to ask vocabulary questions in various ways.

  • Word meaning questions – You ask the quiz taker to choose the correct definition of a word or phrase.


  • One word substitution – The quiz taker chooses a single word or short phrase that can best substitute a wordy phrase.


  • Identification – You present the quiz taker with an image, video, or audio clip and ask them to choose the word/phrase that best represents it.  


  • Synonyms and antonyms – The quiz taker chooses the word that is a synonym or antonym of the provided word.


  • Find the odd one out – You provide a list of words, and the quiz taker chooses the one word that doesn’t fit in it due to having an unrelated meaning.

Here’s an example of an odd one out question.


In the above question, all the options except the last one are related to cats. The last option refers to dogs, making it the odd one out and the correct answer.

  • MCQ on word usage – The quiz-takers select the sentence that features the correct usage of a word. 

v52. Fill-in-the-blanks

You can use this question type to present a sentence with one or more words missing and ask the quiz takers to fill in the most appropriate word. You may or may not choose to provide choices.

v63. Cloze Test

A cloze test combines the multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank question types to create a unique and highly effective vocabulary quiz. 

You provide the quiz taker with a passage with certain words removed, and they have to choose the correct option for each missing word. Check out this cloze test created with ProProfs to better understand how this question type works.

Learn how to create a cloze test using ProProfs Quiz Maker

4. Matching Questions

Using this question type, you can present words in one column and their answers in another.  You can create questions such as this one:


Watch: How to Create a Matching Quiz

5. Checkbox

The Checkbox question type lets you have multiple correct answers for a question. For vocabulary quizzes, Checkbox can be handy for asking questions on synonyms and antonyms.

v86. Open-ended questions 

In this question type, you ask a question that requires the quiz-taker to answer in detail in their own words. For instance, you can ask the quiz taker to define a word while explaining its usage with an example. 

For open-ended questions, you can choose whether you want the quiz taker to respond via text or audio/video. 

v9-17. Reading Comprehension

Another great way to test reading and vocab skills is by creating a reading comprehension test. This quiz type consists of a reading paragraph followed by a few questions

Here’s a vocabulary reading comprehension quiz created with ProProfs that you can refer to understand better:

8. Audio/Video Response type questions

Using ProProfs, you can add questions that require audio or video responses to your vocabulary quiz questions. Doing so can help quiz takers improve their pronunciation skills and reduce their accent if they’re non-native. 

How to Create a Vocabulary Quiz

Using an excellent vocabulary test maker, you can create your vocabulary quiz as quickly as in minutes.

Let’s consider the example of ProProfs Quiz Maker to understand better.

With ProProfs Quiz Maker, it’s possible to create a vocab quiz in two ways:

  1. By customizing a ready-to-use quiz
  2. From scratch

Anyone can create a compelling vocab quiz using ProProfs Quiz Maker – just look at these popular user-contributed quizzes, which you can find on our quiz website:

So, let’s learn how to make a vocabulary test using both ways:

1 – Customize a Ready-to-Use Vocabulary Quiz

The simplest way to create a vocabulary test is by simply modifying a ready quiz. ProProfs’ quiz library offers over 100,000 quizzes to choose from. Here’s the process in four steps.

Step 1: On your dashboard, click “Create a Quiz”.


Step 2: Next, you have scored quiz and personality quiz options. Choose scored quiz to create your vocab test. 


Step 3: Click the “Question Bank” tab and search for vocabulary quizzes using keywords, such as “vocabulary”, “synonyms”, etc.


Step 4: From the next window that appears, select the quiz you want to use by clicking ‘Use this Quiz’


Step 5: Customize the quiz as per your liking. 


That’s all you have to do. 

See? It’s that easy.

2 – Create a Quiz from Scratch

Creating a quiz with templates is quick, but creating a quiz from scratch is fun, creative and just as easy. Here are all the steps to create a quiz from scratch:

The first two steps are the same, so we’ll jump straight to Step 3

Step 3: Click ‘Create from Scratch’ on the window with our templates and question bank. You’ll be taken to the quiz editor window, where you can start building your quiz.


Step 4: Add Title & Description

One of the most important things in creating a vocabulary quiz is giving it a suitable title and description.


You can add a title and description to your quiz by clicking “Edit Cover” in the quiz editor. 

Step 5: Add Questions

You can create your quiz with a single type of question or have a mix of questions to make it more interesting and fun. 

ProProfs offers more than 15 different question types to choose from, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, checkbox, comprehension, video response, and more.

Watch: Types of Quiz Questions for Online Learning

For the various question types ProProfs supports, you can either create new questions or import questions from our question library of 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions on thousands of topics.

Step 6: Automate Grading & Scoring

This will help you save hours of your time as the questions will be automatically graded when attempted, and you won’t have to do the grading manually. 

All you need to do is pre-assign scores to correct answers while adding the quiz questions.

You can choose from several automated grading options, as shown in the image below:


Step 7: Add Instant Feedback

Not all vocabulary test creators offer this feature, but if you’re using a tool like the ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can most certainly display instant feedback when a question is answered. Doing so helps your learners identify knowledge gaps and improve their learning.


Step 8: Customize Your Quiz’s Appearance

You can play around with the appearance of your quiz. Add a background image. Add a touch of your branding by adding your logo and themes. 

Here’s a quick video on customizing and branding your quiz:

Watch: How to Design Beautiful Quizzes

With ProProfs, you can also customize and issue a quiz completion certificate to your learners that will be automatically issued once your learners complete the quiz.  

Here’s how it can look:


Step 9: Configure Settings

Before finishing the process, it is important to configure a few settings, such as question randomization, answer shuffling, and disable tab switching to prevent cheating on your quiz. 

You can even add a password to your quiz to avoid unauthorized access.


So, those were the steps to creating a vocabulary quiz from scratch. What remains now is sharing the quiz with learners. 

Just like creating the quiz, sharing it is super easy too. You may share it via email, place it on your social media handle, or embed it on your website. 

Just a few steps and your vocabulary quiz is all set to be taken by many. 

Now let’s look at the benefits you get from creating vocabulary quizzes using a quiz maker tool.

Benefits of Using a Vocabulary Quiz Maker

Online vocabulary quizzes provide many benefits apart from improving vocabulary. 

Boost Recall Ability

A strong recall ability is a key to learning something and then remembering it for a longer time. And vocabulary quizzes can be really helpful in strengthening your ability to recall. 

Many quizzes display instant feedback. Various tools that allow this, including ProProfs Quiz Maker.

In this feedback, you can include extra information, such as using the word in a sentence, synonyms, its pronunciation, and more, which will help your learners remember the word better. You can even provide links to a Thesaurus.

Doesn’t matter whether they got the answer right or wrong!

By quizzing themselves on words, learners can discover the words they need to study further. Also, with real-time results, they can assess their progress and spend time on words that need to be studied more.

Improves Understanding With Gamified Content

Admit it. A quiz sounds way more fun than a test does. Using gamified content helps students understand the concept better and enjoy learning. 

Vocabulary quizzes can also be easily shared on social media to earn likes, making them a better option to introduce a new set of words to your students in the most engaging way.

Some quiz makers also reward quiz-takers with quiz completion certificates that make the entire exercise of taking the quiz more interesting and fun.

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Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

Many online quizzes provide quick results and even quicker feedback, making them a great resource for enhancing problem-solving skills. 

Learners can take quizzes and analyze their results immediately, which, in turn, helps to improve their ability to think logically.

Arouses Interest

A quiz is just a test with several interesting features. Many quizzes offering features, such as automated grading, instant feedback, and real-time results, arouse interest among learners. 

The learners are then encouraged to build a healthy sense of competition and self-assess their skills through quizzes.


For instance, let’s say you have to teach them the meaning of Gladiolus. You can encourage them to find out its plural version by reading the feedback that says – it’s Gladioli or Gladioluses.

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Now that you know the benefits, it’s time to take a test drive by looking at different examples of quizzes to know how you can easily create them. Hop on to the next section to find out.

20 Best Vocabulary Quiz Examples

Here are some of the best vocabulary quizzes that you can find online:

  1. Basic Vocabulary and Reading Skills Quiz

A 10-question quiz based on short paragraphs in which the quiz takers have to read the entire paragraph to find the correct meaning of certain words to improve their reading and vocabulary simultaneously. 

Language: English

  1. French Quiz on Basic Vocabulary

A brief eight multiple-choice-question quiz for French students to polish their French vocabulary and practice for their exams simultaneously. 

Language: French

  1. 100 Vocabulary (Words 1-10)

This is a 12-question GPA quiz that is a mix of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions for learning high school vocabulary. It scores the quiz takers on a scale of 0 to 4, that’s representative of the GPA scoreline. 

Language: English

  1. Quiz: What Do You Think It Means?

This detailed 25-question quiz consisting of only multiple-choice questions aims at measuring the vocabulary of the quiz takers by asking them to choose the correct meaning of complicated words.

Language: English

  1. Complete the Sentences With The Appropriate Word Quiz

This is a general vocabulary quiz that includes 12 questions with pictures. The quiz takers have to fill in the correct answer based on what’s happening in the picture.

Language: English

  1. Guess the Word With the Given Alphabet Hint

As the name suggests, it’s a 12-question vocabulary quiz for the quiz takers where they have to guess the word based on the alphabet hints given in the question in a slightly puzzling format. It tests the overall comprehension and memory skills of the quiz takers. 

Language: English

  1. Vocabulary MCQ Exam: Quiz

Another detailed 20-question quiz, this one includes multiple-choice questions where the quiz takers have to select the correct word for the given definition. It’s an excellent quiz for expanding your vocabulary. 

Language: English

  1. English Grammar and Vocabulary Exam: Quiz

A vocabulary quiz that consists of 16 multiple choices and fill-in-the-blank questions and is designed to test quiz takers’ grammar and vocabulary by helping them build sentences with structure and format. 

Language: English

  1. Vocabulary Quiz: MCQ Exam Trivia

Another highly detailed quiz, this one has 23 multiple choices and fill-in-the-blank questions that aim to enhance the quiz taker’s vocabulary, reading, and comprehension. 

Language: English

10. Choose the Correct Vocabulary for Questions: Trivia Quiz

As the name suggests, it is a vocabulary quiz in which the quiz takers will have to guess the correct word based on the definition and the picture attached to every question.

Language: English

11. Picture Vocabulary Test

A highly intuitive and engaging vocabulary quiz that aims at increasing students’ vocab through questions that are made engaging and informative using pictures. 

Language: English

12. GRE Vocabulary Builder Quiz

Another highly competitive yet brief vocabulary quiz, this one has been created to increase quiz takers’ vocabulary for their GRE (Graduate Record Exam) exams and measure their aptitude in multiple areas.

Language: English

13. Gateway: Standard Vocabulary Test

A vocabulary quiz that consists of 15 questions and also expects the quiz takers to be aware of the difference between romance and horror, this one tests quiz-takers’ vocabulary in relation to different novels and books. 

Language: English

14. English Vocabulary Test

A relatively brief English vocabulary diction trivia quiz that only has five questions and aims at spicing up the writing and speaking skills of the quiz takers. Quiz takers also get a good understanding of the formal and informal words by taking this quiz. 

Language: English

15. Gateway B2: Ultimate Vocabulary Trivia Test

Another quiz that extends from the Gateway standard vocabulary test is the Gateway B2 trivia test. It is a valuable tool for developing communication skills and knowledge of the quiz takers. 

Language: English

16. Intermediate Vocabulary and Grammar Exam

The intermediate vocabulary grammar quiz has 25 fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice questions, aiming to perfect the English language’s knowledge. It primarily uses figures of speech to establish the understanding of vocabulary.

Language: English

17. ACT Vocabulary Test

This extremely useful vocabulary quiz offers ten questions to test the vocabulary of students sitting for their ACT exams. 

Language: English

18. How’s your Spanish Vocabulary

A relatively brief vocabulary quiz with 8 multiple choice questions to test the Spanish vocabulary of quiz takers by posing interesting questions. 

Language: Spanish

19. Vocabulary Workshop Level C Quiz

An exciting vocabulary quiz consisting of 8 multiple choice questions, this one only tests the quiz-takers’ knowledge of words starting with the letter ‘C.’

Language: English

20. Vocabulary Knowledge Test: Hardest Questions

This promising vocabulary quiz includes 12 questions and claims to be the most difficult vocabulary test. The quiz takers are asked to define the words given in the question accurately to test their vocabulary level.

Language: English

A Crucial Leg-Up

Vocabulary quizzes provide a crucial leg up, helping learners get familiar with new vocabulary and learn new words through recognition and use. And, with a vocabulary quiz maker as comprehensive as ProProfs, the overall experience becomes quite delightful too. You can create a quiz in minutes or access a ready-to-use quiz from its vast library of pre-made quizzes. The possibilities are endless!

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