Recovery Resources is a nonprofit community-based behavioral healthcare organization based out of Cleveland, USA. It helps people triumph over mental illness, alcoholism, drug, and other addictions by providing mental health education.


We are in the business of providing education training to a wide number of people. The process required conducting post-training assessments to gauge the level of knowledge retention in trainees after the training is complete. It is a necessary step; otherwise, we wouldn’t know if the training was any resourceful! However, creating assessments, distributing them, and then grading them took FOREVER! To top that, emailing individual training certificates was costing us a lot.


Since we were looking for something that would not only help us with creating and grading assessments but also help us with automating most of the tasks, we started using ProProfs. And, it literally did all of the work for us!

The assessments were automatically graded, reports were auto-generated, and certificates were automatically issued too!

We could not have a better tool than this!

Not only did it free up tons of time, but it's super simple to use!


Using ProProfs saved us tons of time that we could use to provide more training and take on more projects without worry.

Now, we can train and assess online, as well. So, we have definitely seen an increase in revenue, productivity, and participants in the training.

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