Full Sail University is a private, for-profit university in Winter Park, Florida and is considered one of the premier media arts colleges in the world. With over 16,000 students, 2,250 full-time equivalent employees, and 48,000+ graduates, the University offers 40+ degree programs at associate, bachelor, and master’s levels in the field of media, technology, arts, and entertainment. Its courses are designed around real-world industry experience and creative problem-solving.

Full Sail University


Software certifications are a great opportunity for students to gain confidence in their skills and help their resume stand out with potential employers. To help students prepare for the software certification exam that’s part of the Avid Media Composer User Certification initiative, we needed training materials that could be accessed repeatedly and on-demand, regardless of what degree program or course the students were currently enrolled in.


With ProProfs Online Test Maker, we create practice tests that are modeled after the actual certification exam. The practice tests are super easy to build with ProProfs and allow us to set all the same parameters of the actual certification test, including a question bank, time limit, and minimum passing grade.

While we have an internal testing platform built into our Learning Management System, it doesn't offer all the same functionality that ProProfs does. Tests built on the LMS are also tied to a specific course within a degree program, which limits how students can move through the software certification process.


Students are provided other training materials and curriculum to help prepare for the certification exam, but the practice tests created using ProProfs Quiz Maker are hands down the best resource made available to them. Since we have begun using the practice tests within ProProfs, we have had a near 100% success rate with students passing the actual certification exam.

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