The best part of ProProfs is the flexibility in customization it offers
Sakil Mahmud Khan
Sakil Mahmud Khan

Business Development Manager, IQC Security & Loss Prevention Consultancy


IQC Security & Loss Prevention Consultancy is an Ermont, consultancy firm based in France that provides security consultancy and a wide variety of security training courses. It develops effective loss prevention strategies for its clients, and its training programs are customized to meet each organization’s specific needs. The scope of loss prevention by IQC encompasses surveys & audits, identification of vulnerabilities and loss event trends, development and implementation of loss prevention strategies, and follow-up procedural implementation.

IQC Security & Loss Prevention Consultancy


We were looking for an easy-to-use tool that would overcome the lack of customization options that we were facing with other products we tried.


The flexibility in customization of online quizzes as well as easy data input, which can be done by anyone without having expertise, have brought great results for us. It's been a great online eLearning platform to work with. It is very easy-to-use and requires no expertise whatsoever.


We are working with ProProfs for the last couple of years and generating good revenue for our company. The increase in the number of our customers worldwide is tremendous after using ProProfs.

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