Brett Wheeler
Brett Wheeler

Chief Operating Officer, Access to Counseling Services

Training a large group of employees is now super easy!
ProProfs has made the enormous task of maintaining training records much more simple and efficient. It has made training to large groups much much easier for us. I would surely recommend this tool to others.
Steven Diebold
Steven Diebold

Business Consultant

Perfect for Knowledge Gap Analysis & Lead Generation
Proprofs provided a wonderful way to do a knowledge gap analysis for my audience. People found it very engaging and gave great feedback. We also used quizzes for lead generation.
Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty

Editor Search Engine Journal

A Great Tool to Drive Up Traffic
ProProfs quiz maker is a great way to engage your visitors (most people will take the quiz, thus spend some time on your site and will be more willing to browse it further); Quizzes are greatly shared and can be used to drive up traffic.
Bill Wisell
Bill Wisell

Health Licensing Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Human and Health Services

Excellent Customer Service!
With excellent customer service, ProProfs provided the necessary tool to make a testing mechanism in order to meet our requirements. We have had over 600 tests successfully conducted through ProProfs Quiz Maker and continue to get more!
Katie Reynolds

WOLFPACC Physician Achievement Concept Course

ProProfs goes above and beyond to ensure you’re delighted!
We were able to categorize our questions by subject, which allowed us to better help our students understand what they were doing wrong and gave them the ability to change their pattern of learning.
About Brenda Kesler
Brenda Kesler

Ph.D. Business Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!
ProProfs does what it advertises. It was painless to generate and execute an exam to several 100 global employees. A valuable side benefit was the ability to quickly have insight into questions that were causing the most problems.
Stacy Potter
Stacy Potter

National Certified Continuing Education Provider for Massage Therapy

It is revolutionary! Automatic grading saves tons of time!
I love ProProfs because it enables me to respond immediately with constructive feedback for my students. It’s revolutionary for both the teacher and the student by providing valid feedback for knowledge gained. It’s made my life a lot easier!
Professor Daniel Stein
Professor Daniel Stein

Director of Technology Initiatives, Touro College.

Everyone should give it a try!
ProProfs Quiz Maker is now a staple for my students of all my Graduate Education courses. All my students will become better instructors with this assessment tool from ProProfs. Everyone should give it a try.
About John Mitchell,Jr.
John Mitchell

Science Department Chairman at Lincoln High School in Harrison County, West Virginia

Best for test construction. There's no comparison with other!
ProProfs.com is the best technology for test construction. I had tried 6 other websites and trust me there is no comparison of the service with other website test generators. Please keep up the excellent work!
Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith

Instructor of Integrated Anatomy & Physiology, Shiatsu School of Vermont

Gives my students immediate results!
My students are now using quizzes as a study aid, which is how they are intended. They repeat the quiz until they get a satisfactory score. It is so easy to edit quizzes and I've seen a dramatic decrease in complaints.
Nance Rosen
Nance Rosen

UCLA (University of California, LA)

Ideal for the classroom
ProProfs is an effective, highly functional, user friendly and convenient way to conduct almost every assessment you can imagine. I highly recommend it as a tool for quizzes and tests. I found it ideal for the classroom, in both on-ground and online learning environments.
Wendy VanderMeulen
Wendy VanderMeulen

Administrative Coordinator, Canadian Parking Association

The simplicity of the system works well for everyone!
Once we got over the learning curve and had a few "wrinkles ironed out", ProProfs has worked smoothly for years. The simplicity of the system works well for everyone who has handled it.
Larry Ferlazzo
Larry Ferlazzo

English Teacher

A Winner For Quizzes
I have to say I'm quite impressed. ProProfs is a winner for quizzes.I've just added it to my page on Best Ways To Create Online Tests.
Charlene Campbell
Charlene Campbel

8th Grade Team, McKeel Academy

Hands down the easiest, most efficient program!
ProProfs Quiz Maker has helped me really organize my lessons. It is so easy to make quizzes and tests. The results and the cumulative reports are all in one place. Already recommended ProProfs to all of my colleagues!
Dr. Fayez AlFarhan
Dr. Fayez AlFarhan

Founder & President of MBDLE Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Best Multiple Language Support
I have thoroughly enjoyed my association with ProProfs. I am from Saudi Arabia and their support of quizzes in Arabic has been of great use to me. They support quizzes in multiple languages and the product is bundled with amazing translation feature!
Troy Marble, Safety Manager
Troy Marble

Safety Manager ,Fortune 500 Construction Co.

Great for training hundreds of employeess
ProProfs has been a great tool for training hundreds of employees who are spread out across the US and Canada. The ProProfs online training has allowed us to provide over 3,000 individual sessions. Our people can take the training when it fits their schedule and from anywhere they can access the internet.
Steve Donaldson
Steve Donaldson

Assistant Director of Media Training IPC Training

Recommended For Competency & Compliance Training!
I can safely recommend ProProfs to any of our customers requiring competency or compliance testing in multiple languages, or need an instant online assessment tool with kick-ass database capabilities!
Dan LaPasha
Dan LaPasha

PhD, Managing Partner, Learning Technologies

Makes training & testing super easy!
ProProfs makes training & testing super easy! Powerful yet simple to use! ProProfs Rocks!
Susan Smith Nash
Susan Smith Nash


Robust Tool that works on Tablets, Smartphones & Laptops
ProProfs products are very flexible, from the all-in-one Training Maker, to the effective and easy-to-use Flashcard, Games, Polls, and Quiz Maker. ProProf's robust cloud hosting means no bumps, no bruises. I like the fact that it's designed to work on all sizes of tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Quiz Maker has added a new dimension to our education and training, and has made "quick bite learning" a reality.
Felicia Johnson
Felicia Johnson

Founder & Managing Director, The Gatson Group

Incredible customer service!
I build my online courses with ProProfs and the tool has been easy to use and maneuver so far.
Jay Heinrichs
Jay Heinrichs

CEO, Heinrichs Partners

The quizzes take no time to create; it’s so flexible.
My book, ‘Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion’, was published by Random House with a business-oriented audience in mind.

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