Life Winks LLC by Clean Law is a childhood innovation & family sustainability center (CIFSC). It helps vulnerable children improve their life trajectory when situations such as high conflict divorce, the onset of disability, school strike, deployment, etc., drain their family.

Life Winks provides organic and innovative solutions to prevent unrepresented childrens’ lives from turning into tragedies. Its goal is to ensure that every child has a family and can count themselves as blessed.

Besides modernizing social justice, Life Winks also aims to become “the Rolex of freelance marketplaces.” Its inclusive freelance platform provides an easy way to buy and sell top-quality digital services.


I needed a quick and easy way to certify and license people with the IP (intellectual property) that my company owns.


When I was studying psychology, many teachers in the school used ProProfs’ excellent quiz tool to assess students’ understanding. At a time when everything was online due to COVID-19, ProProfs provided the teachers with a really quick and convenient way to gauge students’ abilities.

Encouraged by this amazing second-hand experience, I opted for this platform when I found myself in need of a credible assessment and certification tool.

What I like best about ProProfs is that it is very user-friendly. It is easy to set up the tool and create & edit assessments. That's really an incentive.

Another thing I particularly like is that this software makes everything passive for me once I’ve created an assessment. Someone looking to get certified with my IP can do so by jumping on this platform anytime and going through some simple steps to get an automated certificate.


ProProfs’ quiz & assessment software has provided me with a simple and effective way to certify clients with my IP. I plan to keep using it as a certification tool while exploring other ways in which I can utilize it to benefit my growing startup company.

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