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We’re on the tracks of another criminal. We just have to gather all of the necessary evidence in order to catch him this time. Chances are it is one of those quizzes again. They have been really active recently. Will you be able to put all the pieces together and find get to the bottom of this mystery? A lot of questions will appear along the way and you will have to find all the right answers.

Here are some that are more likely to pop up: Usually, in order to be classified as a crime, the act has to be accompanied by what? What percentage of inmate convicts were responsible for violent crimes in 2002 in the US? In the US, assault is usually rated as misdemeanor and not felony unless it involves what? Help us fight crime and try our quiz.

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  • Which state had the nation's highest incarceration rate in 2013?

  • Which of the following is true about the overall U.S. incarceration rate?

  • By what percentage did spending on the federal prison system increase from 1980 through 2013?

  • Identity Theft thieves could use your:
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  • True or false:  A thief could not open a credit card account using your name if they had your personal information.
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  • A thief could steal your tax refund, with your identity stolen.
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  • Which of the following crime elements is not required to arrest a person forlewd and lascivious acts with a child?

  • Which of the following items completes the crime of possession of childpornography?

  • A peace officer can enter premises without a warrant when:

  • What is designed to reduce transmission time?
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  • What is the authentication code sheet used for?
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  • Who determines whether a military working dog will search a building on or off-leash?
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