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The law is put in place to put a sense of order in the people existing within a given location. For you to become a law enforcement officer, you must have some degree of literacy, and that is one of the things they test in the...

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    ___________________law defines the form of government we as Americanshave established for ourselves; the Constitution defines our representational governmentand its three-branch structure (executive, legislative, and judicial)

There’s no doubting that those in uniform, particularly law enforcement, carry a certain authority over others that can go to your head if not properly controlled. Take this exam on the BLET Ethics for Professional Law...

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    Which  "ethics" "oath" tells how you will preform as a law enforcement officer and the guidines you will obey?

Test your knowledge on law enforcement procedure.

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    Process server is at the door.  They want to serve a woman who is not here.

This is the hardest trivia question quiz law enforcement in the United States! The first police to be established was in Philadelphia and New York, and they were charged with enforcing the law of the land and keeping citizens...

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    ______________________ management is a characteristic of police leadership within community policing model.    

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    In what year was radar introduced to traffic law enforcement?

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Law Enforcement Questions & Answers

What does the American constitutional law define?
The Constitutional law defines the form of government we as Americans have established for ourselves; the Constitution defines our representational government and its three-branch structure (executive, legislative, and judicial).
Should criticism of law enforcers be allowed or should criticisers be shot in the face?
I think that being shot in the face is extreme. Criticism should be allowed due to the first amendment rights. However, it is difficult to criticize someone’s job when you have never done that job. It is more beneficial to criticize law enforce
What should I do to be enrolled as an NYPD officer?
NYPD stands for New York Police Department. Many people want to be a part of this department because it is so well-known and it is known as the best. To become a police, officer in any city’s department, you would need to apply. You would need
What qualifies a crime to be investigated by Federal agencies rather than local police department?
The important thing to remember about the FBI or other Federal agencies is that they can go anywhere in the United States. The local police department can only fight crimes within their local district. Sometimes, they can go slightly outside of their