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Do you know about Odin, Isis, and Zeus? Or maybe you're a student, and you had to research mythological deities in order to complete a term paper on time? Take the online mythology quizzes and answer questions about Zeus, Thor, Jupiter, and learn interesting facts.
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Hindu mythologies are narratives found in Hindu texts such as the Vedic literature and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Well, this is not all just mythology; it comprises several historical events too. The Indian subcontinent...

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    According to Hindu mythology King Kansa was the uncle of ?

Mythology is a study which is involved in the analysis of different myths of a given people or community. Mythology unit exam tests on different basic aspects of the study. How good are you? Find out below.

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    Uranus angered Gaea by 

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    Who is the ruler of the gods?

Read the myth and answer these Quiz questions

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    Why did people travel great distances to see Arachne?

Do you want to be angel or demon? simply take this quiz and find out now! 

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    What do you call a cross between a human with either an angel or a demon?

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Mythology Questions & Answers

How would you describe Cupid?
The Cupid is a symbol of love, and it is usually associated with Valentines Day. The Cupid supposedly draws a bow, and with an arrow, he aims and strikes passion into the heart of someone. This is a very classic and traditional character, which was d
Why are Greek and Roman mythologies so similar?
The Greek mythology and the romans mythology have some things in common. Most importantly, the Romans obtained vigorously from the Greek pantheon. The Greek gods are the same as the Roman gods just with various names as far as their philosophy. Many
Why was the title of Holy Roman emperor given in the first place?
In the year 800, Pope Leo made Charlemagne, also known as Charles I, King of the Franks, the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Why? It is believed Pope Leo bestowed this title in order to secure loyalty of the most powerful emperor of the regio
Who was the first man to die in Hindu mythology?
The answer to this question is Yama. There are a lot of things that Yama is known for but one of the very first descriptions is that he is the first man who died. Yama is said to guard the gates of hell and he also watches over the dead. From the de
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