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What is the difference between Mind and Soul?
The mind and the soul are known to be parts of people’s inner being. Some may assume that the mind is similar to the brain, but the mind is known to be the more spiritual version of the brain because this is where people’s innermost thoug
What does Carbamazepine block?
The firing of action potentials
You meet a young couple at a mutual friends wedding who is looking for an investment property in a town 45 minutes away. You arent familiar with the market, but do have access to the areas MLS. Do...
1. refer them to an agent who specializes in that market and collect a referral fee?-if you want to learn an unfamiliar market, do it on your time, not the valuable time of your clients. especially when working with investors, its important that a re
As a sellers agent, you just put your first listing on the market and receive a decent offer right away. Within a few hours, you have four other agents call to tell you theyre writing offers too....
1. tell all five agents that a bidding war is brewing and encourage them to bring their best offer?-never forget whom you represent. in this case, you represent your seller and it is your duty to get your seller the best price for his or her home. ge