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Women! Can’t live with them and can’t live without them. How many times have you seen a guy say this? Or how often have you done it yourself? Why are they ruled by their emotions? Can't they stop at 2 pairs of shoes? I think it's time we settled this like an adults...reasonably and with logic. It's time to answer questions about women. Can you answer who has more grey matter, guys or gals? Can you say who lives longer, men or women? Can you answer who's the better chef?

With questions about women, their quirks and their accomplishments, there's something in here for every man, woman, boy, girl, feminist or male-chauvinist. Remember, your mother gave birth to you...so make her proud! Make it known that she gave birth to a legend! Take these quizzes and get it right!

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    What are your thoughts on plaid?  

To recognize Women's History Month in March, test your knowledge of women in the military by taking this short quiz.Some of the answers might surprise you!Entering your name is not required. Just hit "Start Quiz" to...

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    What percentage of the U.S. forces deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have been women?

Take our quiz to find out what lady you are from CW's Reign.

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    What is the main word your friends would use to describe you? 

What's your flavor...of erotica? Take this quiz to find out what flavor of erotica gets your tongue tingling between the sheets. For adults only!

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    When you dream about that first kiss with a new lover, do you...

Women's New Role in Society

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    The "New Woman" of the 1920s  

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Women Questions & Answers

Does domestic violence have any affect on children?
Guy's any one could you explain the how it doesn't effect the childern rise?some ex......please ...........
Why are girls more likely than boys to miss out on secondary education in the developing world?
The correct answer to this question is D, all of the above. In many countries, a girl's education is the lowest priority due to funding. If the choice for funding is between a girl or a boy, the boy would be selected to attend school. Girls are also
What is the difference between Kilt and Skirt?
A skirt is typically worn by women. They may wear a skirt when they want to get dressed up or go to work. A kilt is rarely worn by a woman unless she is Scottish. Men wear kilts because that is part of the Scottish costume. It was worn many years ago
What does the 4 mean in this picture?
The quarter receives the beat