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Men! How many times have you heard it. How many times have you said it...even though you might also be a guy? Let's face it, guys do some silly things...but they also do awesome things! For example, how many cars has a guy jumped over whilst driving a bus?

How many steaks has a man cooked over an open-fire to perfection in an hour...and how do all guys drive cars so well? If you're a guy, can you tell how to think like a guy or do you want to test your knowledge – no matter what, these quizzes are for you.

With questions to poke at any guy's ego, such as "What makes a guy fail on a date?" and "Who die first, men or women?" there's something in here for both genders! On that note, I'll leave you with this one fact...the world's best florists, hairdressers and chefs are men...think about that.

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  • If your wife caught you in bed with another woman, your first response would be to...

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  • Why do women almost always deny making “the first move”?

  • When a woman tells you that “I’m not that kind of girl”, she means:

  • The process of seduction involves tricking a woman into doing something she doesn’t want to do.

  • I am an investment guru known as the "Oracle of Omaha." I am getting up there in age and recently donated a large portion of ownership in my company, Berkshire-Hathaway, to the foundation of another person on this list. 

  • I am a telecom genius who holds the worlds largest telecommunications monopoly.

  • I am a well-known Indian businessman with a reputation for cutthroat and cold tactics.

  • This man feels:

  • This man is feeling:

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