Communism Quizzes & Trivia

Do you think you’d score high marks when quizzed about Marx? Do you associate Socialism with a political and economic movement – or do you think it’s the formal way to describe hanging out with your friends on a Friday night?

Can you tell a Leninite from a Stalinist, or discuss the differences between Marxism and Maoism? Can you wax poetic about famous Communist women like Rosa Luxemberg and Emma Goldman, and can you communicate clearly on the history of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain?

Whether you’re more of a Bolshevik or a big business type, if you’re ready to take these quizzes according to your ability and be rewarded with a score according to what your work needs, click here now!

Communism is different from Democracy in almost every aspect. But are you someone who supports democracy? Do you secretly love Communism or other? Do you unknowingly support it or anything else instead of a democracy? Take the...

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    You think Money is...

Let us see how much of a commie you really are.... if you pass you are a communist!!!

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    When you getfocused with some sort of activity, and you meet a rival who threatens your reputation, what do you do?

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    What is capitalism?

 Answer the questions below without referring to your class notes to refresh your memory on the topic so far. Remember to choose the answer that is most correct.

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    What does the CPA stand for? 

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    1. Who wrote the Communist Manifesto?

Communism Questions & Answers

Which of the following are associated with communism?
If by private property you mean personal property, communism allows for that. If you mean private ownership of the means of production, that wouldn't be allowed in communism.
What is the difference between Socialism and Communism?
Socialism and Communism are different types of economic systems that consider the fact that all resources in a place should be distributed equally among members and also create a central leadership system that will be controlling and monitoring the e
Is there any ideal Communist system in existence?
I do not think there is any ideal Communist system in existence in the world. Most countries practice these two major economic systems: capitalism (an economic system which include the private ownership of resources or capital, with economic decision
When you are in a difficlt situation that you know you are likley to be defeated in you
Rally swarms fools to your cause and make them take care of it hile you plot