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What is a question? What is the purpose of a question? What is the purpose of man? What if the purpose of man is solely to answer questions? Could this be the ultimate goal in life? Well it could and it certainly is the ultimate goal of our philosophy quiz. Take your time and analyze our philosophy trivia which challenge your knowledge on the topic.

What famous philosopher was also the tutor of Alexander the Great? What philosopher is known mostly from the works of Plato and Xenophon? What legendary Roman philosopher was also the tutor of Roman emperor Nero? Some of the greatest minds in the history of philosophy are included in these quizzes. Will you be able to find all the right answers? If so, shout out: Eureka!

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  • Arguments in ordinary language usually aren’t presented in standard form.

  • “There’s no way you’ll get the job. The job ad says you need a high school diploma to apply.” What premise is assumed, but not explicitly stated, in this argument?

  • “They’re letting that criminal go on account of a technicality in the search warrant. I think that’s just awful.”

  • Do you believe in God?

  • Whats your favorite subject in school?

  • What is our source of existence?

  • If we hire people according to their sex or race, they will have less self-esteem than if they are hired on competence.

  • By using race or sex to favor some groups we are using an irrelevant characteristic and this is not right.

  • If these programs could be designed so that they would achieve the goal of equality, then they ought to be supported.

  • The word "philosophy" derives from:
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  • A philosophical argument is a form of verbal disagreement.
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  • Platos Allegory of the Cave can be interpreted as:
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