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Feng Shui Questions and Answers

  • The Pah Kwa which is the “Great Symbol” is about the luckiest Chinese symbol you can get. It was developed around 300 BC by Fu Hsi a Chinese Emperor.

  • In the early days, it became obvious that the eight symbols of the trigrams were adequate to contain more refined readings.

  • The I Ching oracle is mostly performed when there is a specific question in mind or when we are unsure of what path of action to take.

  • The theory of the four elements greatly influences the practice of either the form or compass school of Feng Shui.

  • The five elements consist of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Minerals.

  • Air includes the following star signs:

  •  use the first impulse or thought that comes to mind, (dont think too much or over analyze, if you need to close your eyes do so)which color would you say to best describes your personality?choose an answer below that best falls into the group

  •  use the first impulse or thought that comes to mind, (dont think too much or over analyze, if you need to close your eyes, do so)which color would you say to best describes your lifestyle? choose an answer below that best falls into the group

  • Choose the group adjectives that best describe you?you may find other adjectives that also fit or some that do not, but choose the one most closely related to you and do your very best

  • Master Yang was the principal advisor to the court of the Tang emperor, Hi Tsang (______)

  • “FENG SHUI” is pronounced “FUNG SHOY” which simply means WIND and AIR.

  • The Japanese place considerable importance on Feng Shui and it is a vital part of their everyday living and is used widely in their decision making.

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