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What are human rights? Who decides who lives and dies? We all know about slavery and the apartheid regime in South Africa, but besides those two points, what do we know? What do you know about the rest of your species and their rights? Are you the modern-day Benjamin Franklin and George Washington? Would you sacrifice life and limb for the rights of others? Well maybe you don't have to go that far...but these quizzes could show some pointers.

What are the three basic things that every human has a right to? Is it a man's right to be stronger than women? Is it a woman's right to have control over the kids? Questions like these and more will be asked in these quizzes, it's up to you and your moral compass to point the way!
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The questions in the quiz relate to each of the seven countries that HART has local partners in. We hope that you enjoy the quiz!

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    In 2014, 276 teenage girls were kidnapped from a boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria, by Boko Haram.This led to the social media campaign #BringBackOurGirls.How many of these kidnapped girls are still missing? 

Test your knowledge about human rights and don't forget to share your results with others, All the best!

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    Who are human rights for?

Answer the following 20 questions about Human Rights, and the Human Rights topic within the HSC syllabus in NSW.

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    Which of the following best describe the concept of human rights?

The first amendment is the most popular, but how much do you really know about your freedom of speech?

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    What is prior restraint?

The declaration of the rights of the child is a set of rights laid down by the Geneva convention that is to be availed to children internationally. Do you know these special rights and how they were agreed upon? The quiz below is...

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Human Rights Questions & Answers

What are basic human rights?
There are so many things that humans have the right to, but some people are not even aware of what their rights are. Every human being has the right to get married and have a family. Do remember that it is also the choice of people if they do not wan
Do animals have rights?
Animals do not have rights against other animals, but in some places in the world, animals have rights against humans who would like to do them harm. Under their rights, they have the right to be given the proper place to live. They also have the rig
Do human rights depend on culture?
There are international human rights that are available that do not actually depend on culture. International human rights are supposed to be followed by everyone no matter where in the world they actually are. The thing is the implementation of thes
Do human rights apply to everyone?
Some may get confused if human rights will actually apply to everyone. Every person who is born into this world has rights simply because they are human. It does not matter what they have done, what race they are, or what their family lineage is. Eve
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