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What are human rights? Who decides who lives and dies? We all know about slavery and the apartheid regime in South Africa, but besides those two points, what do we know? What do you know about the rest of your species and their rights? Are you the modern-day Benjamin Franklin and George Washington? Would you sacrifice life and limb for the rights of others? Well maybe you don't have to go that far...but these quizzes could show some pointers.

What are the three basic things that every human has a right to? Is it a man's right to be stronger than women? Is it a woman's right to have control over the kids? Questions like these and more will be asked in these quizzes, it's up to you and your moral compass to point the way!

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  • Human Rights are rights which endangers humans.

  • What is UDHR?

  • When was UDHR adopted?

  • In 2014, 276 teenage girls were kidnapped from a boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria, by Boko Haram.This led to the social media campaign #BringBackOurGirls.How many of these kidnapped girls are still missing? 
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  • South Sudan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates, i.e. the number of women that die during childbirth, in the world.Given that the maternal mortality rate for the United Kingdom is 9 per 100,000 births, what is South Sudan's? 
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  • Timor Leste has the third highest malnutrition rate for children under the age of five.However, the country grows a plant which is drought-resistant and can be harvested quickly every 40 days, giving it great potential to help mitigate this problem.Which plant is it? 
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  • } If the value in A1 is “info” and B1 is “”, which function will return [email protected] in C1? 
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  • A……. is a dot or other symbol positioned at the beginning of the paragraph.
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  • Print pages (1-5, 7, 9-13) command will print………… pages.
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  • The Human Rights Act regulates the relationship between individuals and public authorities. Which of the following would not be a public authority? 

  • Jean Parry’s son, John is already in prison for committing armed robbery. He’s currently awaiting trial for another offence. On the latest trial date the prison service failed to transport her son to the court because of staff shortages and that the court continued with his trial, made decisions and heard evidence in his absence. Which Article could this be a breach of?

  •  Rhys Jones works in the local council’s housing department. He has received an application for a home from a woman who is experiencing domestic abuse. Rhys’s manager has turned down her application, but Rhys is worried that the woman’s human rights might be breached. What Articles might have been breached by the manager’s decision