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Marriage Questions & Answers

What is an ideal age for getting married?
The ideal age for getting married for a female is 25, while the ideal age for a male is 27 though there is no law laid down for a specific age for getting married. Although, in the United States and some countries, the age to get married starts from
Help their spouse overcome weaknesses by pointing out things that need improvement.
If we spend time pointing out faults of each other we will lose the person in favor of the improvement we want for ourselves
What is the concept of Polyandry?
The concept of Polyandry refers to a practice where a woman is simultaneously married to more than one husband or where a woman has more than one sexual partner at the same time. In the study of Zoology, Polyandry refers to a female animal that posse
What is the difference between Love and Marriage?
Love is a feeling or emotion, whereas marriage is more of a ceremonial event to formalize a change in someone's civil status from being single to being married. Marriage is more equated to the commitment and entering into a legal partnership. Romanti