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It’s a serious subject for sure and one that everyone should try and find out more about. So we hope that our trivia quizzes all about bullying will inform, educate and entertain you. There’ll be no bullying comments made if you can’t correctly answer questions such as these: Who was the author of the book ‘Stop Picking on Me’, What name is given to bullying that is carried out online? In which year was the charity Kidscape created?

If you get a high score in these great new informative quizzes then bully for you. You’ll be really proud when you tell everyone you know so much about such an important subject as bullying. No one will be able to bully you that’s for sure. Any texts, emails or messages you receive will simply be congratulating you on your great knowledge.
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    Do you give or get

Do you now everything there is to know about bullying?Here's a chance to be tested on what you know.This is a quiz for 7-11 year olds.GO!

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    What is bullying?

Bullying myths and facts quiz trivia! There are a lot of schools that have different rituals with bullying and call it tradition but this causes more harm than good. Most people who partake in bullying use the excuse that...

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    Teasing someone can be fun and most of the time participants are "in on it".

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the effects of bullying. No need to give your real name -- just put in "John Doe" or "Jane Doe" if you don't feel comfortable sharing your real name.   Answers are based on...

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    True or False: Only certain types of kids are bullied

Has someone ever called you a bully? Have you picked on someone unintentionally? Or maybe you're just a rotten bully? Take this quiz now to find out!

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    You see someone picking on the schools nerd. What do you do?

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Bullying Questions & Answers

What can we do to stop bullying at workplace?
Although bullying at the workplace has always been a big problem over the years, it has taken a worse form with the today’s growing technology. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey of US-based full-time employees, about 28% were bullying
Should victims just ignore being bullied by someone or learn to fight back?
FalseFALSE Bullying is a reflection of a power imbalance that becomes consolidated through repeated interactions in which children who are victimized are unable to stop the bullying on their own and are in need of the assistance of an adult to prote
What is the worst bullying case in the world?
The Philadelphia School District has had 40 schools close in the city. Students were relocated to schools in different neighborhoods, which caused numerous incidents of teen violence and bullying. The worst case took place at William C. Bryant Elemen
Why is bullying still not stopped if it's a crime?
Coming up with a successful plan to stop bullying has proven difficult. Some say that bullying should not be a law enforcement issue. None of the state laws offer the resources to implement effective bullying prevention programs. Making a statement t
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