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The protagonist in the award winning movie “Avatar” was disabled. Did you know that Ludwig van Beethoven was deaf? We have some quizzes about the disabledor “differently abled”. Can you name some famous ones?

“Vincent Van Gogh was one of the greatest painters in the world despite being what?”, “Marla Runyan was a national champion in what category in the Paralympics?” and “In the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ was based on whose life?” are questions you will probably encounter in our quizzes. Will you be “able” to answer our questions?

Try getting a high score and be inspired in how much people can achieve despite what difficulties they have. Take your time and show off your "ability" to answer our quizzes!
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Answer true or false to the following questions to determine your knowlege about people with disabilities.

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  • Sample Question
    It is always obvious, if someone has a disability. 

This quiz has Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities ACT Trivia Questions. This statute was, in a way, put in place to show that disability is in no way a shot of inability for people with disabilities to exceed...

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    The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act was passed in what year?

Select the correct answer to the questions to determine your knowledge about people with disabilities. 

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following people do not have a disability?

The following 20 questions will test your awareness and etiquette in terms of individuals with disabilities.

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    Individuals with disabilities are not asset to the workplace and/or workforce.

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    Which of the following are disorders that can affect learning?


Disability Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Deaf and Hard of Hearing?
It might not be easy to differentiate between hard of hearing and deaf. However, the two terms are measured or determined based on the degree of hearing loss a person suffers. The range of hearing loss can be measured, and it is denoted by dB HL. Whe
Are words such as wheelchair bound, handicapped or special needs acceptable to use?
False, Words such as wheelchair-bound, handicapped or special needs are not acceptable to use, and they are not recommended. It is important that you address people by their person, not by their disabilities or limitations. Instead of using the word
How special children should be treated?
Why a child is hyperactive? Susana Gonzalez believes that these kids have too much energy and are not able to channel it. He explains in an interesting interview. Traditional medicine diagnosed children such as ADHD, hyperactivity or conduct disorde