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Wedding Questions & Answers

Who were the best dressed people at the Royal Wedding?
Doria, the mother of the Meghan Markel, the bride impressed with an attractive outfit which was both modest and stunning. There is beauty in simplicity and this lady proved it. Her elegance in the white coat and close-fitting hat contrasted with some
Can I wear a non-white wedding gown?
This is your wedding, so you can do as you please. Many brides before Queen Victoria used to wear a new dress - of any color - because they had to make the dresses last. Once Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding, it started a trend in the upper
What do you wear to a wedding?
The time of year depends on what to wear to a wedding. If the wedding is outside in the summer, then you would wear something different than if you were attending a wedding during the winter. Normally, the rule of thumb is to not wear white to a wedd