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Are you fascinated by the concept of the wedding? Can you take our online wedding quizzes and answer some interesting questions to see how much you know about wedding movies and find out how your wedding will look like.
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Can you unscramble all the wedding terms jumbled below?

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    Which one of the celebrities had their dog walk down the isle in a tuxedo?

The wedding day is the allotted day many lovers would long to see come. This explains the reason for the need for a strong, convincing reason for calling the wedding off. Sometimes calling off the wedding would be the most...

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    Which of these tips is about trusting your gut?

So you are lucky enough to have that special someone to meet at the bottom of the isle! Congratulations! Stuck on what colour theme to choose? Then take this little quiz and see if it helps decide what colour is best for your big...

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    What season will your wedding be in?

From 'Wedding Crasher' to 'My Friend's Wedding' to  'Bridesmaids,' you might have watched them all. The scenes are memorable and you have all the details of many of these movies offhand. Put that...

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    What is the name of the main character in the movie "My best friend's wedding'?

Take this quiz to determine the ideal spot for your celebration.

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    On a typical Saturday afternoon you and your fiance will likely be...

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Wedding Questions & Answers

Who were the best dressed people at the Royal Wedding?
Doria, the mother of the Meghan Markel, the bride impressed with an attractive outfit which was both modest and stunning. There is beauty in simplicity and this lady proved it. Her elegance in the white coat and close-fitting hat contrasted with some
What do you wear to a wedding?
Weddings are one of the biggest events in India in terms of grandeur and ceremonies. The dress code of any Indian wedding depends on the ceremony you attend. If it is a wedding, you should also keep the comfort factor in mind. Here are some tips to h
Can I wear a non-white wedding gown?
This is your wedding, so you can do as you please. Many brides before Queen Victoria used to wear a new dress - of any color - because they had to make the dresses last. Once Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding, it started a trend in the upper
What is the best wedding dress for a man?
Usually men don’t wear dresses. However, if a man has to dress for a wedding, then he will most likely want to wear a tuxedo. However, there are some weddings that have different themes than the common church wedding with the bride wearing a wh
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