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Security refers to the state of being free from danger or threat, which may harm you or your property. It can either be physical property or even your virtual information. How well do you understand security? Do you know the different measures taken in securing a home, an office or even your computer? Get into the world of security and learn the different methods of securing your home, your office and even your state.

From security alarms, magnetic doors to enterprise security measures, find out how secure you are with your knowledge of security. Take these quizzes now and learn the responsibilities of security personnel, tips on keeping your family and house secure and much more! 
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This is a quiz for the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate.  It's based on sample questions and the end of topic questions in the workbook.  Good luck!

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  • Sample Question
    To which of the following layers of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model would one map Ethernet?

Read all questions carefully, and choose the answer, which best suites the question. You have 2 hours to write this exam.

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    A measure of electrical pressure or potential is

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  • Sample Question
    What is Spyware?

This is your description.

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  • Sample Question
    Section1.2 Firearms' policy- every Security Guard licensed to carry a firearm must shoot a minimum of _____ qualifiying shoots per calendar year

Test your knowledge and see if you have the skills and general knowledge to know all the basics about security.

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Security Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Interpol and Europol?
Interpol and Europol are separate intelligence agencies that serve other purposes. Interpol is more recognized than Europol. The International Criminal Police Organization is coordinated to facilitate synergy between different international police or
What is the difference between UN Security Council and UN General Assembly?
The United Nations has different organs under it, UN Security Council and UN General Assembly are two examples of these organs. The UN Security Council was created to maintain peace and ensure security in all parts of the world. The UN Security Counc
What is the difference between ISIN and CUSIP?
ISIN is the short form of International Securities Identification Number, while CUSIP is the short form of Committee on Uniform Security Identification Purposes. Both ISIN and CUSIP are in the form of codes that are used for securities to facilitate
What is the difference between Intelligence and Counter intelligence?
These two terms “intelligence” and “counterintelligence”, are usually used among the commercial, state, and military organizations. Intelligence can be seen as the foundation or the basic center in the development of certain r
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