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A career development course is a mandatory exam for anyone who is planning to join the Air force. How well prepared are you for the final CDC test? Take up the revision quiz to polish up on what you remember and get a high...

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    What year was the name of the career field changed to "Security Police"?

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    As a result of the reorganization of the War Department in 1943, which office was established?

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    Color is used in the Use of Force Model (UFM) to

An important part of protecting our country is ensuring the safety of the people, property and resources on every Air Force base. To accomplish this goal, Security personnel undergo some training. Prepare for armed forces and...

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    What provides the foundation of the integrated defense (ID) concept?

In this security centred quiz, we’ll be looking at the protocols of security force journeymen in their role of nailing their target and defending their employer. How much do you know about the actions needed to be...

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    Which principle of war is the most effective and decisive way to attain a clearly defined objective and is the means by which a military force seizes and holds the initiative while maintaining freedom of action and achieving decisive results?

Security Forces Questions & Answers

The Nuclear Threat Capability Assessment (NSTCA) forms the cornerstone of threat
A NSTCA is a DIA-led, intelligence community assessment of the capabilities and intentions of a variety of actors to gain unauthorized physical access to a US nuclear weapon. The NSTCA forms the cornerstone of threat planning for nuclear security sys
Stan-Evals will be conducted within?
1. 30 duty days after an individual completes qualification training
What is the maximum range of the M870 shotgun using "00" buckshot round in meters?
D is the answer to this question. This is a type of shotgun that people use whenever they would like to do some hunting and shooting. It will not be common for people to have this type of gun whenever they are searching for a game. This has also been