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What army rank are you? find out here!!!!!!!!!!.

Questions: 5  |  Attempts: 2433   |  Last updated: May 30, 2017
  • Sample Question
    Are you a leader among you're friends

Our special forces are our pride, our protector, the elite community of the nation, anything we say in their respect is always less. They are the dead end that a foreign enemy would not ever want to meet. Today, we are especially...

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 2355   |  Last updated: Jun 6, 2019
  • Sample Question
    What was the name of the modern mobile artillery system the Army had considered to replace its aging howitzer?

The Roman army is a term applied for the terrestrial armed forces deployed by the Romans throughout the duration of Ancient Rome. To find out what you know, take this quiz.

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1261   |  Last updated: Oct 31, 2017
  • Sample Question
    How long did a Roman soldier sign up for?

This quiz judges what your rank should be in Army J.R.O.T.C. It is based on how much information you know and if you have leadership potential. 

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 701   |  Last updated: Dec 18, 2018
  • Sample Question
    A let 1 has the can be lieutenant colonel?

If you fancy yourself as a master when it comes to military terms and are up to answering designed questions that gauge your knowledge try out this quiz. It is a simple set of questions therefore it will be easy to answer.

Questions: 13  |  Attempts: 315   |  Last updated: Aug 4, 2017
  • Sample Question

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Army Questions & Answers

Is the class A uniform only worn once a week unless otherwise specified?
False, it is the Class B that you wear, not Class A
Which is not a method of disengaging from the enemy?
The answer is letter A. Under enemy pressure is not a method of disengaging from the enemy. There are only three basic methods of disengaging from the enemy and these methods are as follows: 1) Thinning the lines. This is considered as the first sta
How do you achieve the superior cadet award?
You must be choosen by your A.I. and you must have an oustanding performance in J.R.O.T.C. and manitain a high G.P.A.