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Why is safety always an important topic? If there is one thing that people will always wish for, it is for them always to become safe no matter where they or their loved ones may be. There are so many hazards that are available every day. Some of these hazards are things that we do every day. Even boiling water is a hazard because there is always a possibility that you will accidentally hurt yourself.

Some of the things that may occur are minor, but this does not mean that you will not pay attention to the things that you have to do to stay safe. Safety rules will always be different depending on what you are doing. It is best that you will also test your knowledge about safety by checking some of the quizzes that are available online. Which ones are your favorites?
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There are alot of experiments going on these days and through the process, we sometimes forget to take proper precautions and be safe. Do you know abut flinn safety course? either way, you should take this quiz and stay...

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    Flammable materials, like alcohol, should never be dispensed or used near...

What do you know about the Lab Safety Symbols? A laboratory is home to a lot of delicate equipment and chemicals that call for extreme care. Some symbols have used the world over when it comes to materials and chemicals. Test...

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    Eye protection must be worn:

A telescopic handler, or telehandler for short, is a machine used for agricultural and industrial purposes. It is controlled by telescopic cylinder, for the upward and downward motion commonly known as a boom. As with all...

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    The logbook is…

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    Some of the differences between a fume hood and a biological safety cabinet (BSC) are that a BSC protects both the user and the material inside the cabinet and that the exhaust is HEPA filtered.

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Safety Questions & Answers

When walking behind someone in the kitchen you should say?
What is the difference between Negligence and Gross Negligence?
Negligence is considered to be the failure to provide reasonable care or attention to a situation or somebody, which may come with a somewhat reasonable explanation. It may cause harm to someone or something. For example, the doctor forgets to includ
Should laboratory aprons be worn during all lab activities?
The correct answer to this question is right. There are many reasons why it is essential to wear a lab apron at all times. Working in a lab poses the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. When a lab apron is a work, it protects the person from the s
What should you do when gathering glassware and equipment for an experiment?
D is the answer to this question. I believe that all of the things that are mentioned above are important. What if the glass would have some cracks that are not noticeable in the beginning? This might cause some issues when the experiment is already
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