Construction Safety Quizzes & Trivia

The construction site is known to be composed of a lot of items that can be considered hazardous to people, but at the same time, these items are needed by people so that they can continue building. Different sites can be considered as construction sites. For example, if a house is being built, this is a construction site. If a type of road is being created, this can also be called a construction site.

There are a lot of risks that are involved when you work in construction, but it may give you a sense of fulfillment that you have always wanted. In construction, you would have to work with height, do some excavations, and so much more. How much do you know about construction safety? There are details that you will surely learn from the available quizzes online.

This test is an introduction to Construction Safety Standards.

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  • Sample Question
    What year was OSHA established?

This quiz is to assess your knowledge on health and safety in construction

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    What are the basic things you should wear on the work site?

Falls are one of the major cause of death and injury in construction work. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 828 workplace deaths happened during private construction in 2013. Out of which, 36 per cent were...

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    One of your co-workers fall off a working surface that is 16' off the ground.  How long would it take for them to hit the ground?

The quiz is designed to test employees on Construction Safety and Accident Investigation.

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  • Sample Question
    Why do we investigate accidents? Pick all that apply

Scaffolding safety quiz has10 questions

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    The rated load capacity for three-person scaffolding is 250 pounds placed at the center of the span and 250 pounds placed 18 inches to the left and right of the center of the span (total 750 pounds)

Construction Safety Questions & Answers

What should you expected to do if an OSHA compliance officer arrives on your project?
Contact your project manager or highest ranking supervisor on duty and take the officer to the office to meet with them.If an OSHA officer arrives on your site, take them to the project manager or highest ranking supervisor. If you are on a walk with
What should happen to the equipment if an employee falls into their fall protection equipment?
If the employee was injured save the components to help with the investigation If the employee was not injured cut it up and throw it away
What should you do when you are finished taking photos?
Send copies to the District Safety Manager. Make a hard copy and attach to the project accident files. Change the photo labels to organize them for later.Please respect the injured employees privacy and do not send photos to your friends.