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Do you think you are ready for our women’s health quiz? Do you think you are aware of all there is to know? Are you willing to challenge your knowledge today? If so, we invite you to take on our interesting women’s health quiz!

Some of the questions included in these quizzes are: How often are women aged 50-70 recommended to have their breasts screened? What is the percentage range of women aged 15-45 who have endometriosis? What type of training are women over the age of 50 encouraged to do? What is the easiest way to decrease the risk of osteoporosis? Do you think you know the answers to these questions? All will be revealed in the quiz, where you will encounter many more questions too!
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    Fats are more completely absorbed during pregnancy

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    Accompanied by her husband, a patient seeks admission to the labor and delivery area. The client states that she is in labor, and says she attended the hospital clinic for prenatal care. Which question should the nurse ask her first?

How much do you understand about breast care and gynecology? Have you ever had an examination or performed an examination on your own? Using the pads of your fingers, go around your entire breast in a circular pattern moving from...

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    What Breast disorder: •Uncommon form of breast cancer •Starts as a scaly, eczema-like lesion that may weep, crust, or erode •A breast mass may be present •Suspect any persisting dermatitis of the nipple and areola

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    A client in the 28th week of gestation comes to the emergency department because she thinks that she's in labor. To confirm the diagnosis of PRETERM LABOR, the nurse would expect the physical examinations to reveal: Client's needs category: Physiological integrity Client's need subcategory: Physiological adaptation Cognitive level: Knowledge

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    Which of the following is the smallest functional unit in the breast parenchyma?


Women Health Questions & Answers

What would the nurse be in charge do first if a client with eclampsia begins to experience a seizure?
To maintain a patent airway. This simply means that there is a pathway between the outside world and the patient’s lungs. When a pregnant woman with eclampsia starts to have a seizure in the hospital, the proper course of action is first to wor
Where does a developing child receive nourishment from its mother?
A developing child gets nourishment from its mother through the uterus. To start off, the uterus is where the fetus develops. Amazingly, it expands tremendously to accommodate the fetus and work hand in hand with the placenta to provide the developin
What are some women's health issues?
What is your expected due date?” Answer C. When obtaining the history of a patient who may be in labor, the nurses highest priority is to determine her current status, particularly her due date, gravidity, and parity. Gravidity and parity affe
How frequently should the nurse in charge assess her uterine contractions if a patient is in the second stage of labor during this stage?
Every 15 minutes Answer B. During the second stage of labor, the nurse should assess the strength, frequency, and duration of contraction every 15 minutes. If maternal or fetal problems are detected, more frequent monitoring is necessary. An inter