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If you’re already a parent, this might bring up some memories from some of the most memorable nine months of your life. Our pregnancy quizzes are meant for men and women alike, all can learn a few things. Discover what a women really experiences during those nine months or even learn how to deal with pregnancy better. See what you can expect from the questions you’ll be addressed. How is the developing offspring called during the first 8 weeks of its development?

Pregnancy is generally divided into how many periods? How long does the postnatal period last? Get ready because our questions will be arriving any second. Who knows? This quiz might lead to the birth of a pregnancy specialist.

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  • Is your menstrual cycle usually on time, ​but a week late this month? The more delayed your periods are getting, the more are the chances of you getting pregnant.
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  • Have your breasts become tender and sore? This happens after one or two weeks after conception. But keep in mind that this can also happen when you are PMSing.
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  • Are the areas around your nipples becoming larger and darker?  This happens about a week or two after conception.
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  • Is your period late or have you missed your period?
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  • Do you feel really, really tired?
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  • Are your breasts feeling sensitive, sore and tender?
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  • Ms. P. is pregnant again after having a spontaneous abortion at 10 weeks last year. Gravida _____, Para _____

  • Ms. T. has 7 living children who were full-term infants and also had 2 spontaneous abortions at 12 and 15 weeks respectively. Gravida__ , Para_

  • Ms. S. has had three deliveries at term, one preterm delivery, and two abortions. She has four living children.

  • a client has received oxytocin to augment pregnancy. what is a contraindication?

  • Patient is in premature labor and is reciving MGSO4 2 g I V, what finding should you report to the provider

  • Patient is tensing at the onset of a contraction. what can you tell her regarding breathing techniques.