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  • Is train journey safe during pregnancy?
    Is train journey safe during pregnancy?
    Train travel can be safe for most women who are pregnant, even though it can be quite uncomfortable. One of the major discomforts is morning sickness that occurs during the first trimester, but those who find they are pregnant should wait until later in the pregnancy (second trimester) because train movement might make the women nauseous. Pregnant women also have to take into consideration the type of train they plan to ride. If the train does not have air conditioning and jostles quite a bit, this can be very uncomfortable for the woman. Conversely, a train that has air conditioning and runs smoothly will not create bumps or much discomfort.   Ultimately, women who are pregnant (especially those who have had complications early in their pregnancy) should consult their physician before taking a trip. The medical professional will be able to better ascertain the condition of the mother and whether she would be able to ride safely. After getting the approval of a physician, the choice to take a train ride is up to the mother.

  • What is a contraindication? A client has received oxytocin to augment pregnancy.
    What is a contraindication? A client has received oxytocin to augment pregnancy.
    Late decelerations

  • Why do people keep saying, "Pregnancy is painful"?
    Why do people keep saying, "Pregnancy is painful"?
    The answer to this is that, “because it is painful”. If you have talked to any mother who had a natural delivery, they will explain their pain as a 100 times intensified version of their menstrual cramp combined with a feeling of being stabbed, severe pressure and for some intense waves that feel like diarrheal cramps. This pain is caused by contractions of the muscles of the uterus. Yet there will be a few that say that it was pain-free and that they didn’t know that they were in labor. The amount of pain that one experiences during childbirth depends on factors like the size of the baby, the speed of the labor, the strength of one's contraction, whether the baby is face up or face down and so on. With this pain women generally experience pressure on one’s back, bladder and bowels. This can also vary from person to person and also with the number of pregnancies for each person.

  • What are the methods of testing pregnancy?
    What are the methods of testing pregnancy?
    "The most common way people check to see if they are pregnant is by using the home pregnancy test kits that are available in the store. In this method, one has to either urinate on the sick or has to dip the stick into a sample of their urine to determine whether they are pregnant or not. A more accurate method is determining with the help of ones blood or urine sample at a medical setup. Yet there are some DIY methods through which one can check to see of they are pregnant. These tests are highly used now in cases like unplanned pregnancy, or in a situation where the woman might be judged, or of they are trying to keep this a secret and also as this can be cheaper than buying a pregnancy kit. Some of the commonly known ones are Sugar Pregnancy Test, Toothpaste Pregnancy Test, Soap Pregnancy Test, Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test, Shampoo Pregnancy Test, Salt Pregnancy Test, Vinegar Pregnancy Test, Dettol Pregnancy Test, e.t.c. are some of the most common ones. "

  • What is the difference between flu and pregnancy symptoms?
    What is the difference between flu and pregnancy symptoms?
    When a woman gets pregnant, especially if it is the first one, the symptoms that she would first be experiencing might most likely be like a flu. Flu, originally, is a viral disease which is infectious in nature. Flu affects every system of the body; but pregnancy usually have more genitor-urinary and gastrointestinal affections. Flu is commonly found in children, and they are easily contagious when there is a contact with an infected person. One very essential symptom of pregnancy is the morning sickness, which is accompanied with vomiting and high degree of nausea. It is given the name ‘morning sickness’ because it is usually more severely felt in the morning. Most cases, it will subside after three months; and in some cases, it can persist till the time of delivering. The following are symptoms of the flu: cough, cold, fever, muscle and joint pains leading to great weakness, and severe headache.

  • What is the appropriate action for you to take prior to procedure? You are taking care of a patient having amniocentesis done.
    What is the appropriate action for you to take prior to procedure? You are taking care of a patient having amniocentesis done.
    Have patient empty the bladder and them quick fetal heart tones

  • What is the best time to get pregnant?
    What is the best time to get pregnant?
    Typically the best advised time to get pregnant is when one is married and is financially capable of taking care of another person and their needs. But now this is also for partners who want to start a family of their own. The probability that one will get pregnant is when they have sex during the fertility window. The sperm can live up to 7 days within the uterus and thus this could also result in one getting pregnant. This can be done if one has planned their family and are taking appropriate measures towards it. The first step is to track your cycles and find out the ovulation period which comes at about 2 weeks after the start of your period. Some say that this can be ensured by the vaginal discharge, increased libido or pain on one side of the back. So if one has sex on the 5 days leading to the day of ovulation and on the day of ovulation, they have higher chances of getting pregnant.

  • What will be the highest priority In teaching newborn care, in discharging patient and family?
    What will be the highest priority In teaching newborn care, in discharging patient and family?
    Yes instruction on how to suction with bulb syringe will take precedence over feeding, in this situation patent airway will always be given first priority over all others optionsni this question

  • What are signs you may be going into labor too soon?
    What are signs you may be going into labor too soon?

  • How can someone know about pregnancy pains?
    How can someone know about pregnancy pains?
    Pain is a very common complaint for pregnant women. Their body undergoes a lot of change to accommodate a growing foetus. And thus they could experience pains like cramping (the uterus expanding), gas or bloating, round ligament pain and constipation. Apart from this pain could be because of a pending miscarriage, placental abruption, preterm labor, preeclampsia or ectopic pregnancy which needs immediate medical attention. If the pain is affecting one’s breathing, speech and locomotion, if it lasts more than few minutes or with vomiting, chills and heavy blood flow then medical help should be sought for as these are not normal pains. Some methods to ease the normal pain of pregnancy is to eat small meals at different times of the day, practice deep breathing, regular exercise, do the pelvic floor physiotherapy, include fiber rich foods into your diet, fix your posture by using the maternity belt, drink water and rest well.

  • How was pregnancy detected earlier in the 80s?
    How was pregnancy detected earlier in the 80s?
    In the 18th and the 19th century the scientists started trying to discover the chemicals that regulate various functions in the human body. The term hormone was coined in 1905,and in 1920 they found that human chorionic gonadotropin hCG was found in increased quantity in the pregnant women. The first actual precursor to today’s pregnancy was Selmar Aschheim and Bernhard Zondek. At this time pregnancy was confirmed at the death of an animal used in the test, like rat or a rabbit or a frog. Then it was in 1960 that the scientists turned their focus to tests that were a combination of hCG, hCG antibodies and urine. The women now needed a doctor to conduct this test for them. In the 1971 Crane designed the Predictor which took about six or seven years to reach the market. This had the nature of a chemistry set and took a while to give the results.

  • How many days or weeks later can pregnancy be confirmed?
    How many days or weeks later can pregnancy be confirmed?
    The best way to determine if we are pregnant is to visit the OB-GYN and to get yourself tested if you have missed your period or if you think you could be pregnant. Pregnancy can be confirmed from the first day of the missed period and if so you would have conceived your child two weeks prior to this. But it also depends on the test that you take. There are certain home pregnancy test that can give conclusive results about 4 or 5 days prior to your period. This is because in the first few weeks after implantation their hCG level tends to double every 48 or 72 hours from a very minimal amount of 5 mlU/ml. By about 7 days after implantation there is about 50 mlU/ml of hCG in ones blood stream. Thus it can be said that by about 7 or 10 days we can determine whether we are pregnant by using the home pregnancy test.

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