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There are different laws and regulations that people are expected to follow in the workplace. These regulations are designed to get rid of the possibility of workplace accidents. There are a lot of people who may get hurt or may even die because of the incidents at work. All workers are supposed to be protected from harm.

There are various quizzes that you can check online that will test your knowledge on keeping the safety of people who are working. You need to know how to identify potential hazards and also know how you can eliminate them. Take note that occupational health is strongly related to workplace safety. If the rules are not adequately followed, people have a higher chance of getting hurt at work.

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  • When lifting heavy objects you should:
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  • Which of the following rules contributes to a safe, accident-free work environment?
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  • Which of the following is not a guideline for safe lifting?
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  • Equipment wires and connections should be checked:
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  • Winston Lamar is a public space cleaner at the Little River Yacht Club. He has to change light bulbs in the dock area. The light bulbs are in decorative sconces 13 feet above the dock. Which ladder should he use?
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  • Ariel is vacuuming the banquet halls and meeting rooms. She inspects the cords for frayed wires and loose plugs and finds everything in good condition. She begins vacuuming at the back of the meeting room and works her way toward the door. When she gets to the door, she crosses the hall into the next meeting room and keeps vacuuming. When she is done, she unplugs the cord and rolls it up. What, if anything, did Ariel do wrong?
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  • All my employees are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment to complete their jobs safely.

  • All people on this farm wear a safety helmet when riding a quad or other motorbike - every time.

  • Employees follow health and safety procedures and have the opportunity to help develop them.

  • Which of the following indicates a hazard which may require this safety sign to be displayed?

  •  Which safety equipment must be worn when this sign is displayed? (Check all that apply.)

  • When welding or grinding in a public area, it is a requirement by law that correct signage be displayed.