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  • Is peer pressure good or bad?
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  • Which of the following does not contribute to negative peer pressure?
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  • Which one of the following statements about peer pressure is true?
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  • When a whole group of popular kids are asking you to have a smoke, what would you say?

  • Aye you! You wanna cut class with me , Mr.O isnt here today so he will never know we were gone ?

  • You are out to the mall with a group of your friends. You walk into Forever 21 and they all are getting clothing 2 sizes smaller than what they are. When they ask you to try on a size 7 when your a size 9 what do you say?

  • Your partner asks if you want to skip school with him...You reply with:
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  • Do believe your behavior affects the choices of others?
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  • Do you consciously choose the people you surround yourself with and the places you go to support your good decisions and avoid negative influences.
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  • According to, there are four types of peer pressure.

  • If students are gathered in a group, looking at you and get quiet as soon as you walk up to their group, you may be experiencing the type of peer pressure known as Put-Downs. 

  • If a peer tells you, you can't hang out with us unless you try this... they are using a type of peer pressure known as Rejection.