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  • Who said “I love you” first amongst you and your partner?
    Who said “I love you” first amongst you and your partner?
    Most likely my partner said I love you first because that person is more sentimental than I am. I am not a romantic person because I feel awkward with things like that. Therefore, I don’t see the point in determining who says I love you first. Many times couples argue because one partner said I love you first long before the other one did. Many people place too much emphasis on these words being said. Instead, they should focus on how they show their love and care towards their partner and other people. Usually if both people have feelings for each other and one partner says I love you to the other one, then the other person usually says I love you right back.

  • Which of the following statements about general partnerships is FALSE?
    Which of the following statements about general partnerships is FALSE?
    No limitations can be placed on the powers of any partners in a partnershipIn a partnership, each partner is an agent of the partnership, each partner has the power to enter into the binding contracts in the name of the partnership and each partner has unlimited liability to creditors. Limitations can be placed on the powers of any partners in a partnership and may be used to regulate some aspect of the powers available to said partner. None of the above information should be confused with limited partners, a type of partnership that is distinct from a general partnership. A limited partner generally contributes some tangible asset to business partnership (such as cash or real estate) and shares in the profits and losses of the business. However, unlike in a general partnership, a limited partner provides no services, has no management role and their liability is limited (generally to no amount greater than the amount of the investment made in the firm).

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