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  • How many gels are there in Portal 2?
    How many gels are there in Portal 2?
    There's three, the running one, the jumping one and the portal surface one. If you're thinking of that thing that removes the gels, that's water.

  • What is the Big Red Button in Portal called?
    What is the Big Red Button in Portal called?
    Fifteen Hundred Mega Watt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Super Colliding Super Button

  • How many gels are there in Portal 2?
    How many gels are there in Portal 2?

  • How did Jonathan love David?
    How did Jonathan love David?
    Without more background, this is a difficult question to answer. Who is Jonathan? Who is David? Are they married? Is this from a book? From real life? Is it meant to be only answered by one person, or meant to be answered in a specific way? However, I can say that this would vary based on what time period you’re talking about. For example, if this is a father-son relationship in, say, a rural community in the 1960s in America, the father - Jonathon - probably sent David to a good school. Probably went to all the school activities he was participating in. However, if it was a man to man relationship in the same time period, they couldn’t get married based solely on the fact that they are two men. Again, context is everything.

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