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They say that a good boyfriend will never want to change anything about you... except your last name, that is! Whoa! Before we get too serious, why don't you take a break with our quizzes on dating? From the most traditional forms of dating to the more modern ones like online dating; we have a collection of dating-related quizzes that will put your heart on this subject to the test.

Are you up to date with the recent trends in dating? Do you still prefer the old-school techniques instead? What are some of the similarities and disparities in dating from different parts of the world? We're not looking for any long term commitment, mind you.

How about a friendly round of quizzes? Just hang out and let's see where it goes from there. We won't break your heart, promise!

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  • Should I feel guilty for dating a married woman?
    Should I feel guilty for dating a married woman?
    In today’s time, it is rather simple to get divorced. We live in a time where divorces are normal and it’s a mere trip to the courthouse to ask for a divorce. With that being said, married people should make decisions to determine who they want to be with. If a married woman dates other people on the side, then both she and the other people she is with are hurting her family. If she has children, then you and she are hurting her children. Plus, you are the victim too because many married people who have affairs will often tell their boyfriends or girlfriends that the marriage is over or will explain how terrible the spouse is. However, usually the person is lying and really is using you too.

  • Why do people take less interest in long distance relationships?
    Why do people take less interest in long distance relationships?
    Being in LDR (Long Distance Relationship) and maintaining that love spark is like winning a war. One simple reason might be that this kind of relationship takes a lot of work. However, such relationships can be good for someone, if it is managed properly on all fronts. A relationship takes work and LDR’s are no different. To sustain a long distance relationship, the couples have to be connected, committed, loyal, and of course, a little creative. Distances don’t matter if you are deeply in love with someone unless you’re not connected with each other. Although 14 million couples out of the total world’s population i.e. 7.6 billion, are in a long distance relationship, only a few of them take their relationship to the next level. There are some particular long distance relationship problems due to which they could not succeed, which leads people to take less interest in these relationships. Communication Gap: Couples in a long distance relationship, don’t get sufficient time to express their love for each other. You can call it a communication gap. Due to busy schedules, different time zones etc, couples are not able to give time to each other. Trust Issues: Trust issues are common in all relationships but distance multiplies it proportionally. It is the major reason for unsuccessful long distance relationships. People in LDR have more tendency to doubt their partners and its simply because of insecurities. Lack of intimacy: A sexless relationship can frustrate and depress both the partners as they don’t get to spend quality time with other. Intimacy is required to have a healthy relationship and the lack of it is a common problem in many relationships. Seriously, it’s one tough challenge to survive and achieve happiness in a long distance relationship.

  • Why is dating harder nowadays?
    Why is dating harder nowadays?
    Everyone is packing in so much activity! Many people find it just easiest to belong to different groups and date whoever's nearest, amongst those who attract them. If people are in a set group, like working in a large organization, the range of people available to them means they don't need to get on a dating site. But if you mean it's hard to date because you find possible dates resistant to you, it may be that your approach is wrong. It's something to discuss with trusted mates, but don't discuss with someone you don't want to be like!

  • Is it okay for a girl to ask a guy out?
    Is it okay for a girl to ask a guy out?
    In the 1950s, it was unheard of for a girl to ask a guy out on a date. It was always up to the boys to ask a girl out. However, times have changed and now anything goes. Women ask men out all the time. It is not considered to be taboo for a girl to ask out a guy. Due to gender equality especially in the 1970s, girls and boys are considered equally and that also goes for asking people on dates. Now, girls and boys ask each other out on a date, but usually it will begin over coffee. There are many dating sites online for both women and men to subscribe to. The sites make it easy for both men and women to get to know each other before either one of them asking each other out on a date.

  • Should I go out with someone if I'm not attracted to them?
    Should I go out with someone if I'm not attracted to them?
    Attraction sometimes occurs over time. Many people have said that it was not love at first sight when the two people met. However, some people like being friends with each other and the love grows over time. Therefore, it is not wrong to go out with someone who you are not initially attracted to them. However, everyone should be aware that you want to start out as friends. I would not recommend that you tell the other person that you are not attracted to them, but tell them that you would like to start off as friends. Throughout the weeks of being friends and going and doing things together, you can re-evaluate your status with this other person. At some point, you may find a stronger attraction to them.

  • What should we talk about on the first date?
    What should we talk about on the first date?
    First dates are difficult since you know very little about the other person. You may know a few things about him or her based on previous information. Instead of talking about the weather or school which is very traditional, I would start talking about the things you have in common. It may be hobbies, careers, or other interests. If you don’t know anything about the other person because maybe it was a blind date, I would start talking about topics that interest you and listen to see if the other person is also interested in those things. This would allow you to pick up on the things that you have in common with him or her. Once you figure out what you have in common, it would be best to spend time talking about those topics.

  • What should you never say on the first date?
    What should you never say on the first date?
    I wasn't aware there was any such rule! Isn't it just a case of being nice, being friendly, being considerate and being polite? If you're all of these, I can't imagine you'll come out with something that would make everyone cringe and upset your date. Insults are a no-no, but I don't need to tell you this. Oh, and I suppose coming on far too strong is something you might well avoid. Don't let a date feel you take her for granted. She is a person, she matters. Remember that and you're unlikely to say the wrong thing.

  • Should I drop her to her place after the first date?
    Should I drop her to her place after the first date?
    Due to safety and security for both parties, it is best for both people to meet together at the designated date place. It is not a good idea, especially for females, for the other person to pick up the date. Then the other person knows where you live and that you are most likely by yourself. Now, the other person who you really don’t know actually knows where you live. If you are on a first date where you were brought together by mutual friends, it would not be bad to meet the other person close to your house, but I would never have someone I don’t know pick me up for a date. It is just not safe. If she needs to take a cab home, you could pay for her cab.

  • What is the ideal age gap for a relationship?
    What is the ideal age gap for a relationship?
    Two or three years seems to work best. However, I've seen several long and happy marriages between people eleven years apart. It's partly to do with shared history. When you think of key events, it's a little distancing if one of you has been there, witnessed, felt something, and the other wasn't even born. If you've both suffered a period of austerity, a political change, that sort of thing, it gives you something in common, something you both understand about each other's thinking. Also your bodily changes will be in sync. No fun if one is baggy and wrinkly, the other smooth and toned.

  • What are the consequences of having sex too early while dating?
    What are the consequences of having sex too early while dating?
    When being in a new relationship, it looks wonderful and tempting to have sex. However, common sense, wisdom and experience show that having sex too soon, even on the first date, increases the chances of ruining a potential relationship. If you've fallen into the sticky trap of sleeping with someone too soon, even knowing that it's not in your best interest, you may have gotten caught up in the moment. There are the factors of mistaken sexual chemistry for more than what it is; craved intimacy; having sex for validation after a breakup or a dry spell and using sex as leverage. There's also the feelings of being pressured and wanting to please the guy; the belief you could have a no-strings-attached relationship, only to later want a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship or believing you were the exception to the rule. Having sex too soon is actually fine, but it's very important to make sure that both of you have the same feelings about the nature of your relationship. If you want a real, long-term and committed relationship, having sex too soon, without expressing your feelings, sends the wrong signal to the person you're starting a romantic relationship with .

  • Why do people consider sex a sin before marriage?
    Why do people consider sex a sin before marriage?
    It's based on the fact of a consummation of a marriage contract in the past, since human beings can be affected on a biological and spiritual level. Sex is incredibly powerful on our emotions. Biologists can tell you in detail how it harnesses the hormone oxytocin and emotionally bonds people together. Sex can bond so quickly and tightly, it’s a cliché that a person can be in a relationship with someone they would normally realize isn’t good for them, but instead make excuses for and stay with. That power is not only euphoric, it’s most obvious as one of our main motivations for the worst things in life, including self loathing and murder, if our partner has sex with anyone else. The difference in pain being felt from being dumped by someone we’ve slept with is similarly obvious. Not being intimate with a person we’re dating gives us the ability to be far more objective & insightful about how compatible we are. Also, finding that someone to marry and share the rest of your life with does so much for their confidence and security in your love life if you’ve never been with anyone else.

  • Why do you think that sex education is important?
    Why do you think that sex education is important?
    To prevent students from being infected by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies, sexual education is important. Many high school students and even higher education students face the aforementioned consequences in their school years and it's best, for their future, to avoid them. Unlike typical high school courses such as geometry or algebra, sex education is a course that young people will apply in their lives. Learning about sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies are not the only aspects of sex education. It can also include the biological development of the human body, sexuality, sexual activity and relationships. Though some may deny it, out of religious fear and dogma, sex is a natural experience. Since it is so natural, it is important to teach students, at a reasonable age, the dangers of sex and how to prevent them. Having comprehensive sexual health classes in schools ensures that students and teens alike are taking preventative measures to keep themselves and their partners safe. Sex has its consequences. Therefore, it’s very necessary that students understand these consequences, using methods they learned in their sex education class.

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