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A comprehensive database of more than 116 date quizzes online, test your knowledge with date quiz questions. Our online date trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top date quizzes.

Ah, love sweet love! Where on earth would we be without a little love? Whether you are a love bird looking for a date or a matchmaker setting up a date, get on down to the love shack and answer our date trivia quizzes!

Dating is the art of going out with someone whom you have with a romantic interest in. Dating requires skill, charm, and smooth moves! Answer questions such as, “How popular is online dating?” and, “What is the number one characteristic that women look for in men?”

If you consider yourself a date master or a date disaster, take our trivia quizzes to find out and learn more about the romantic art of dating! Perhaps even improve your chances of getting a date with our date knowledge trivia.

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