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Are you our "IT" guy? That's read "I-T" by the way, short for Information Technology. If programming is your thing, then you've got to try these quizzes that we bring. Are you familiar with the special-purpose programming language, SQL? You've probably been using it, but do you know what it means? Right! It's "Structured Query Language".

So, do you think you can give "DISTINCT" answers to our quizzes? How much do you know about making queries and manipulating data? Can you enumerate some data types used in SQL? What about SQL functions? Do you know them by heart? Find out when you take on our quizzes. What are you waiting for? It's your time show off your processing power. Try our SQL quizzes now! Make sure your answers aren't NULL, OK?

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  • PostgreSQL is also referred to as _____

  • The PostgreSQL software was initially released under license in _____

  • In what language is PostgreSQL written?

  • SSIS is a platform for _____

  • In what year was SSIS first released? 

  • SSIS was introduced to replace _____

  • The SQL UNION Operator enables you draw information from two or more table with the _____ 

  • To use the SQL UNION Operator, the tables must all have the same number of _____

  • To do a SQL UNION operation, the _____ types of the corresponding columns must be compatible.

  • You execute the following commands: SQL > DEFINE hiredate = '01-APR-2011' SQL >SELECT employee_id, first_name, salary FROM employees WHERE hire_date > '&hiredate' AND manager_id > &mgr_id; For which substitution variables are you prompted for the input?
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  • View the Exhibit and examine the structure of ORDERS and ORDER_ITEMS tables. ORDER_ID is the primary key in the ORDERS table. It is also the foreign key in the ORDER_ITEMS table wherein it is created with the ON DELETE CASCADE option. Which DELETE statement would execute successfully?
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  • View the Exhibit and examine the structure of CUSTOMERS table. Using the CUSTOMERS table, you need to generate a report that shows an increase in the credit limit by 15% for all customers. Customers whose credit limit has not been entered should have the message Not Available displayed. Which SQL statement would produce the required result?
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