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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) looks at the manner in which human beings interact with computers, in an effort to research the design and use of computer technology. In the following quiz we’ll look at the topic of HCI...

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    What does HCI stand for?

This is a quiz to find out how much you know about HCI and why it is used.

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  • Sample Question
    What does HCI stand for?

Thank you for looking through our website. Now why not complete a quiz to test your hygiene knowledge?

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    What social effect does having a bad hygiene lead to?

Welcome! And thank you for taking time to complete our survey!  This quiz tests you about your knowledge on basic copyright infringement. Challenge yourself!  Put yourself to the challenge! Complete as many...

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    Listing the URL at the acknowledgement page without mentioning the source at the text is sufficient to cite your reference/s of your project work/research paper. True or False?

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    The cognitive walkthrough mainly evaluates a product's?

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HCI Questions & Answers

Which one of these would not be found in a good HCI?
HCI stands for several things in the computer world. It stands for Host controller interface, Human-computer interaction and Hyper-converged infrastructure. In the Host controller interface, there are currently many good ones including the Host Contr
Which one of these is a good reason for taking care to design a good computer human interface?
A is the answer to this question. There are a lot of interfaces that are created but some of them are more favored by people because they can actually understand how to use these interfaces. There are some that are just so complicated that they will
What are the examples of an interface style?
Many people who have and use computers a lot will use an interface style. This allows the user to have more functions to use. Interface design or interface engineering has compiled a multitude of things that can be used to enhance the function of the
Which one of these is a good reason to include sounds in an HCI?
Sound gets everyone’s attention immediately. As it is a different sense than sight, the sound won’t overload that sense for the user or users. Also, most, if not all, computers have the ability to use sound. People also react very quickly