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How do you open a program such as microsoft word when there are no icons on the desktop?
Just click the start button and select program from the menu.
Which virus is disguised as a useful computer program?
Viruses are the curse of computer operations! In these options, the hacker is the person trying to get into your private computing activities. The worm and the pirate are designed to foul up or even close down your computing activities. The trojan h
What is the process of planning your multimedia presentation known as?
Planning a multimedia presentation is often called storyboarding, or answer B. It’s basically how you want your presentation to go, and is often done first thing before any programs are chosen or items are discussed for order. If you know you w
How do you select text to copy or delete in a word document?
Place the cursor at the beginning of the text you wish to highlight, press the right mouse button and drag the mouse across the text.