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Data Security Questions and Answers

  • Non-public information is protected by which of the following federal laws:
    Data security question from

  • If you see another employee utilizing a USB device or CD on any workstation you should immediately contact management.
    Data security question from

  • All Weber Olcese computers shall have their USB ports disabled.
    Data security question from

  • The Master File
    Data security question from

  • The Transaction file needs to be sorted
    Data security question from

  • Two methods of physical data security include
    Data security question from

  •  What is not an official factor of multi-factor authentication?

  • In multi-factor authentication, OTP stands for:

  •  What is the highest level of FIPS 140-2 available for software products?

  • What should you do with a laptop in the office?
    Data security question from

  • Whose responsibility is data security?
    Data security question from

  • Should you leave your laptop unattended in a wine bar?
    Data security question from

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