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Whether at work or home, computers have become an integral part of our lives. Securing your computer from malware attacks, phishing, viruses and more is important for safety. Check out our online computer security quizzes to learn about various security issues and how to deal with them.
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    What is the process of encoding information in a way so that only someone with a key can decode it?

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    In computer security, ……………………. means that computer system assets can be modified only by authorized parities.

Commercial industries are the largest source of employment in the world. The commercial industry is wide and within it other industries exist. Take the quiz below on some of the terminologies used in the commercial industry...

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    Which of the following is true about a computer security incident?

Quiz to test user knowledge before completing a computer security tutorial.

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    A worm is...

Open note quiz

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    Cookies cannot be disabled.

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Computer Security Questions & Answers

Which kind of malware typically resides in a larger, innocent computer program?
This is a type of computer virus that is responsible for copying itself. This is usually very bad for the computer that it will set itself on. There is a possibility that it will corrupt the system that it is on. There is even a possibility that it w
What should you do if you receive an email claiming to need your username and/or password?
Report it as phishing/spam through your email provider Deleteing the message is an option, but reporting the message as phishing makes your email provider alert to the scams that are prevalent and take action to block them. Never respond to a request
How does an antivirus work?
The antiviruses make sure to scan our file each time we use Pendrive on the computer.